February 28, 2024

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While the number of teen clothing stores is rising, only a few qualify as popular adolescent clothing stores – according to teen girls and boys.
When it comes to fashion, beauty, and style, teenagers know best what’s trendy and popular right now.
In this article, I’ve curated the BEST 20 online clothing stores for teenagers – girls and boys in their teens and tweens.
Of all 20 clothing stores, 10 stand out as stocking super popular brands that teens love wearing in 2022 – presented below by their offering:
Best Cheap Teenage Clothing
Best Designer Teenage Clothing
Best Gender Inclusive Teenage Clothing
Best Cute Girls Clothing
Best Clothing Store For Tweens
Best Trendy Teenage Clothing Store
Best Teenage Activewear Clothing
Best Vintage Teenage Clothing
Best Edgy Teenage Clothing
Best Teen Clothing Gothic Style

Time to explore all 20 BEST teen clothing stores packed with “cool” clothes, shoes, and accessories for teens.
“As one of the most popular online clothing stores for teen girls and boys, Aeropostale’s t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sweaters, loungewear, and activewear pieces are trendy, stylish, and very affordable.”
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Aeropostale – also called Aero – is an American shopping mall-based retailer of casual apparel and accessories for girls’ fashion and young adults.
Aeropostale’s offering is unique, given that the company maintains control over its proprietary brands, design, sourcing, marketing, and sales.
“Based in the UK, Asos is one of the biggest online retailers offering a range of trendy teen clothes from independent designers and designer brands, including inclusive and androgynous clothing styles for teenagers.”
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ASOS Marketplace is home to 900+ small businesses, including independent brands and vintage boutiques from over 50 countries.
Whether you’re on the hunt for a sweatshirt, a perfect pair of tweens jeans, or one-of-a-kind dresses for teens, ASOS has done the hard work.
Packed with fashion deals, ASOS has a dedicated youth fashion department that looks into discovering and bringing the hottest fashion labels to the marketplace.

“As a popular and inexpensive source of trendy clothing for teenagers, Forever 21’s discounted dresses, tops, bottoms, and denim are suitable for every occasion and body type.”
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Forever 21 is a fashion industry leader making the latest teenage fashion trends accessible to all while inspiring unique style and confidence.
Located in more than 540 locations globally and online, the brand offers high-style designs and fashion basics with compelling values and a dynamic store environment.
The company sells accessories, beauty products, home goods, and clothing for teenage girls, boys, women, men, and even children.
“Offering a wide range of categories, lengths, sizes, colors, brands, and styles, YesStyle is one of the most popular clothing stores for teenagers seeking trendy urban styles at affordable costs.”
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Packed with fashionable teenage clothing, YesStyle is one of the most popular online clothing stores with American and British teenagers now, in 2022.
The online store supplies a tremendous range of teenage clothing brands and designer clothing for teens in styles, prints, and prices you won’t find anywhere else.
From state-of-the-art embroidery to striking prints and colors, YesStyle’s offering is remarkable and designed for teenagers wanting to be unique and stand out.
“With unique collections for teen girls and unisex, Garage Clothing’s clothes suit ‘like a glove’ young activists, strategists, founders, Genz, and teenagers of all body types and backgrounds.”
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Founded in 1975 as a subsidiary of Groupe Dynamite, Garage is a clothing store known for targeting young women – in their teens and tweens.
The brand creates unique pieces of clothing for teens, packed with the brand’s character, image, and distinct style.

“Justice online store stands out thanks to a comprehensive offering for teens, well outside the stylistic bandwagon, comprising oversized T-shirts, minimalistic dresses, puka shell necklaces, graphic tees, and joggers.”

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Justice is an online clothing and lifestyle retailer targeting the tween-girl market with high-quality, affordable styles.
Justice’s lines of underwear, sleepwear, swimsuits, lifestyle, accessories, and personal care products are great for girls aged 6–14.
So, if you’re after cute clothes for a teenage girl, this is an online store you don’t want to miss.
“With rare designs from Bardot, Glamorous, Jaded London, Courtney, and its own line, Nasty Gal’s online clothing store is dedicated to the younger and edgier fashionistas.”
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Founded in 2006 by Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal was, shortly after its launch, praised as the “Fastest Growing Retailer” by INC magazine.
Hailing from Los Angeles, Nasty Gal started as an eBay store selling vintage clothing shortly after blowing into a globally recognized online clothing store for teenage clothes and accessories.

“PacSun is an American retailer specializing in teenagers’ clothing infused with a relaxed Californian lifestyle vibe. The brand also offers affordable lifestyle apparel, footwear, accessories, and great swimsuits for boys and girls.”
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Pacific Sunwear of California, LLC – PacSun – is an American retail clothing brand that sells lifestyle apparel and footwear for teenagers.
With affordable clothes for teens and young adults, the store’s beach and lifestyle-inspired looks stand out from the competition.
“By teens, for teens” – as the name suggests, Rue 21’s clothes are designed to appeal to those who want to feel and look 21 y.o. again, and the brand does an excellent job at achieving that.”
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Rue21 is an American specialty retailer for teenage apparel and accessories, headquartered in the Pittsburgh suburb of Warrendale, Pennsylvania.
rue21 online clothing store stocks many styles, from petite body tweens to plus size clothing for teenagers.
Overall, Rue 21 is one of the few online stores that offer quality teenage clothing from independent designers and favorite brands at prices below the market.

“Urban Outfitters is one of the most popular clothing stores of urban styles for teenagers, boys, girls, and unisex. With several categories available, different lengths, sizes, colors, brands, and styles, this is a clothing website you don’t want to miss.”
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Packed with fashionable clothing, Urban Outfitters is one of the most popular clothing stores with UK teenagers right now, in 2022.
The label stocks a massive range of brands that appeal to teens, each label with a wide range of styles, lengths, sizes, colors, brands, and prices.
The label also stocks limited editions of designer clothing and outlet styles you won’t find anywhere else.
“Fit for brunch, school, or trips worldwide, Gap’s online marketplace offers affordable basics and smart casual clothes for teens and children.”

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Gap’s online clothing store has a fantastic offering for teenage girls and boys, from girly styles suitable for 14-year-old girls to fun dresses for curvy girls that want to impress.
The prices are equally great to fill up your basket with beautiful pieces fit for school, brunch, the beach, or trips worldwide.
Finding teenage clothing online at GAP is now easier than ever, thanks to the website’s selector tool – give it a try.

“H&M is a Swedish clothing retailer popular for affordable, fast-fashion clothing for teens, loved for its cheap basics, lingerie, trendy tops, hoodies, jackets, workwear, activewear, and great accessories.”
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H&M, or Hennes & Mauritz, was launched in 1974 as a store dedicated to clothing for children and teens.
Nowadays, the Swedish super-retailer is popular for affordable, fast-fashion clothing for teenage boys and girls.
H&M is ideal for cheap but trendy dresses for summer days, distressed skater shorts, high-rise denim shorts, lingerie, trendy tops, denim, and workwear-styled apparel for tweens.
“SheIn’s curated collections of cute and wallet-friendly styles for tweens and teenagers include anything your kids might need, from affordable girls’ jeans, dresses, and tops to runway-inspired limited-edition garments.”
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SheIn is an online marketplace with a massive fanbase of American teenagers, thanks to a constant deluge of trendy, inexpensive new clothes available online and through its app.
The brand advertises heavily on social media platforms and maintains a network of influencers who promote it on TikTok and Instagram.
In the past year, celebrities such as Katy Perry and Lil Nas X have performed at events SheIn streams to shoppers.

“Old Navy’s online store is an excellent source of affordable clothes for teenage girls, popular for a wide range of affordable basics, super casual attire, and overalls at unbeatable prices.”
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Founded in San Francisco and now owned by Gap, Old Navy’s online store is an excellent source of affordable clothes for teenage girls.
Old Navy’s tweens styles have an unconformity look and are designed for those with a bit of attitude that wants to stand out from the crowd.
Given the wide range of products and sale items, Old Navy is one of the best teenage clothing stores for those seeking the hottest fashion trends, but without breaking the bank.
“With over 3000 styles (clothes, shoes, and accessories) for young women between 15 to 20-year-old, Missguided’s online clothing store is a fantastic place to start building your unique fashion style.”
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The UK-based multi-channel retailer, Missguided stocks modern looks in inclusive sizes, from petite clothing to plus size, that appeal to teenage girls worldwide.
Moreover, the brand’s success is attributed to its super coll styles and affordable pricing, which resonates with teenagers quite well.
I highly recommend Missguided’s online store to teenagers looking to create a distinctive style that showcases their unique fashion game.

“With an extensive offering of eye-catching retro & vintage-inspired clothing collections for young shoppers, Unique Vintage’s online clothing store recreates some of the most iconic looks of the past in contemporary designs.”
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Located in sunny Burbank, CA, Unique Vintage is a privately held, female-owned, and women-operated brand specializing in teenage plus-size clothing.
The brand stands out thanks to the vintage-inspired teenage clothes and their support for organizations working with animal welfare, LGBTQ+ support, and more.
“Zaful is a one-stop teenage clothing brand catering to today’s most daring, exciting, and edgy teenage fashionistas via an extensive offering of trendy garments of superior quality.”
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Often compared to SheIn, when it comes to the vast offering, Zaful is an online marketplace for quality but affordable clothing for teenagers.
The brand’s inventory size is enormous, with thousands of clothing and accessories to choose from, so make sure you try them.
Of all the popular teenage clothing stores in this article, Zaful is my favorite, given the broad offering and excellent prices.

“As one of the best online clothing stores for aesthetic styles right now, Gorman stocks teenage-loved aesthetic clothes, from cute anime apparel to Y2K clothes, emo outfits, and e-girl clothing styles in chic, edgy, pastel to dark academiagrunge, and even fairy grunge looks.”
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Nearly 20 years after launching her eponymous label, Gorman has become one of the best Australian clothing brands.
The label has opened 40 stores across Australia, stocking anything from baby clothing to fab dresses and casual styles to formal dress looks.
Despite the fast growth, Lisa and her team remain focused on dressing teenagers who dare to be themselves.
“Launched in 2002, ModCloth’s offering of vintage and boho styles aesthetics clothing from independent designers is stylish, affordable, and curated to deliver a unique look.”
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Packed with retro-style shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, swimwear, and outerwear for teenagers, Mod Cloth‘s DNA stands on retro fashion and body inclusivity.
With sizes ranging from 10 to 30, Mod Cloth is one of the best go-to stores for teens interested in plus-size vintage clothing.

“With over 55,000 brands and independent designers on the platform, Storenvy is one of the largest fashion e-commerce stores dedicated to tweens aesthetic clothing right now.”
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Storenvy has one of the best teen clothing websites to shop up-and-coming indie aesthetic brands and rave outfits for teenagers and rare teenage clothes boys.
Currently listing over 50,00 different labels across several teens’ clothing categories, the brand’s online store is an excellent spot for discovering the next favorite label.

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends for teens is a tricky business.
Choosing the best teenage clothing stores (the curation process) was informed by 153 teens from the US, UK, and France, all engaged in fashion programs.
According to them, the most popular teenage clothing stores in 2022 comprise a mix of affordable, fast-fashion seasonal looks and high-end styles from top fashion brands.
Whether you’re a young fashionista or looking for a gift for a teenager in your life, we’ve found some of the best places to shop online.
Finding and shopping for genuine teens’ clothing brands is challenging, as teenagers tend to have their favorite styles, looks, and brands.
Moreover, teens will change their clothes more often, according to each season, current fashion trends, and even brand power.
Also, at that age, it’s essential to support them develop their sense of style and confidence, and the best way you can do that is by sharing the best teenage clothing stores online, as curated by teens like them.
No matter what your picky teen is into – frilly dresses, camo, or preppy chambray – these teen clothing stores will have your young adult covered.
And while you’re perusing these teenage clothing sites with adult apparel, you might find something for yourself too!
Celebrities, designers, and latest news in sustainable fashion.
Keep up with the latest in fashion, beauty and style!
Which one of these teenage clothing stores and brands is your favorite and why?
Are there any other teenage clothing online stores you’ve tried and want to add to this list?
Comments below, please!

Has anyone noticed when using the coupon codes, some of them are promoted as a 20% discount but when you take the time to calculate, it is actually not a 20% discount but more like 10% or max 15%? Or is it just me?
Has anyone purchased any gym leggings from Shein? If so how do you find them? I am just wondering if the price affects the quality.
Great collection of teenage clothing stores that I used and I trust a lot. SHEIN is the new king in town, with unbeatable prices and clothing styles for teenage that converge European and Asian looks. Give it a try.
Great article and a lot of websites that i want to check out! I would love to see an updated version tho that shows me where i can find the best petite plus size clothes for teenagers.

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