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Think Unbroken Virtual Conference helps childhood trauma survivors learn how to heal from adverse childhood experiences, learn to love themselves, become the hero of their own story, and to become unbroken.
(PRUnderground) September 27th, 2022
According to the Adverse childhood Experience Survey it is estimated that 83% or more adults in the United States have been impacted by an adverse childhood experience.  Many people feel stuck or lost, but Think Unbroken’s Trauma Transformation Conference is a free online summit created to give those survivors the tools, knowledge, motivation, support, and community that they need to overcome and to heal from the past.
Unbroken Con will be live from November 8th-1th, 2022 starting at 3pm PST, 4pm MST, and 6pm EST. Free tickets are available at myunbrokenlife.com
“When I was four years old my mother cut off my right index finger, my step-father was massively abusive, I was homeless and deeply in poverty, by twelve I was a drug addict, and I spent my childhood believing that I was worthless, unlovable, and broken. For me, Think Unbroken is about giving other survivors the same tools, mindset shifts, and science-backed research that has allowed me to become the hero of my story. I believe that no one is broken but we need community, support, accountability, love, and an opportunity to find our power,” said Michael “Unbroken” , award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and founder of Think Unbroken.
Michael, along with other speakers including Anthony Trucks, Lesley Logan, Ken Honda, Jamie Bronstein, Dan Mangena, Ben Curtis, Lindsay Mitchell, and more will come together for four days to share their expertise and help participants transform their trauma to triumph. Participants will also get to watch a never-before released interview as Michael speaks with world-renowned Addiction and Trauma specialist Dr. Gabor Mate.
“So many people feel stuck, lost, hurt, shameful , and guilty about their childhood, and I did too. Even worse, they feel unlovable, stuck, alone, and broken, but I believe that through the Think Unbroken curriculum along with the powerhouse world-changing leaders speaking at Unbroken Con that we will empower people in ways that will transform their lives forever,” says Michael.
For over five years Think Unbroken has served thousands of trauma survivors through online coaching, the top-rated Think Unbroken Podcast, and dozens of in-person and virtual events. Michael’s message is so powerful that Undercover Billionaire and real estate mogul Grant Cardone invested in Think Unbroken during a 10x Business Bootcamp saying, “I’m impressed with Michael for his commitment, showing his vulnerability, and for going hard.”
The virtual event will cater to a wide audience, from those who are just starting their healing journey to those who have been on the path and tired modalities like coaching or therapy but are ready to go to the next level in life and self-mastery.
Those interested can visit https://myunbrokenlife.com to reserve their ticket for the free, virtual 4-day event, which will include advanced step-by-step training, interactive Q&A’s with Michael and the guest speakers, and access to the Think Unbroken Community.
About Think Unbroken
Think Unbroken’s founder and special guests help trauma survivors not just survive in a stress-filled world, but to transform trauma into triumph in life, career, and relationships to secure a bright future.
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