July 14, 2024

Bloomberg Markets European Open kick starts the trading day, breaking down what’s moving markets and why. Francine Lacqua and Tom Mackenzie live from London bring you an action-packed hour of news no investor in Europe can afford to miss.
Overnight on Wall Street is morning in Europe. Bloomberg Daybreak Europe, anchored live from London, tracks breaking news in Europe and around the world. Markets never sleep, and neither does Bloomberg News. Monitor your investments 24 hours a day, around the clock from around the globe.
Restaurateur Mario Carbone shows us his path from teenaged line chef on Northern Blvd, Queens to NYC dining upstart to global culinary kingpin.
Cineworld Lowers Admission Forecasts: The London Rush
Aston Martin Scores Investment From China Carmaking Giant Geely
UK Homebuilders Down 50% This Year as Crisis Deepens Under Truss
EV Startup Arrival in Talks on Funds to Unlock US Market
Dongfeng Seeks $703 Million in Funds for EV Brand Voyah
Meta to Cut Headcount for First Time, Slash Budgets Across Teams
Peter Thiel’s Palantir Had Secret Plan to Crack UK’s NHS: ‘Buying Our Way In’
Google Winds Down Stadia Game-Streaming Service Three Years After Launch
Ukraine Latest: Putin to Finalize Annexation of Four Regions
Most Popular Candidate in Race to Become Nigerian President Plans Budget Revamp
Kwarteng’s Mini-Budget to Provoke New Round of ‘Great Resignation,’ Survey Finds
Singapore Is 17 Years Behind Hong Kong as Wealth Hub
How to Make a Butter Board: Top Chefs Break Down the TikTok Sensation
Why Madeira’s Lush Ecosystem and Sweet Wines Make It Ripe for a Visit
Giorgia Meloni Has a Mandate But Little Time
Gatsby, the Dollar, and Staring Blankly at the World Falling Apart
The Stealth Tax Buried in Kwasi Kwarteng’s Budget
Destino da Amazônia está em jogo na eleição brasileira
The World Sees Brazil’s Election as a Climate Flashpoint. Brazilians Have Other Concerns
Twitter Is in This Mess Because Jack Dorsey Was Too Busy Being a Bitcoin Influencer
Covid Zero Takes ‘Extreme’ Toll in 50-Day Lhasa Lockdown
Privately Held Student Loans No Longer Qualify for Biden Debt Relief Plan
French Engineering Firm Egis Plans Africa Headquarters, Eyes Acquisitions 
Satellites Capture First Images of Nord Stream’s Methane Leaks
Sydney Looks to Amp Up Nightlife to Shed Sleepy Reputation
NYC Proposal Offers Cash for Spotting Parking Violations in Bike Lanes
In the Paris Metro, Commuters Face a Slower, Colder Ride
Bitcoin Miner Rhodium Plans to Go Public Via a Reverse Merger
How Is Crypto Affecting The Climate?
SEC Says Backers of Crypto Token Hydro ‘Airdrop’ Broke Its Rules


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