October 1, 2023

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When you talk about extreme vehicles, you never expect them to be as extreme as this twin-diesel engine semi-truck. Do you want extreme? This is extreme. It’s called “Thor 24” by its owner and builder Mike Harrah. With the aid of 12 superchargers, and so much more, the truck packs almost 4,000 hp. 
But all of that extreme comes with a price, and in this case, it added up to $13.2 million. Did Harrah get his money’s worth? You tell us. And what did he really get for his seven years and $13.2? 
This started with a 1984 Peterbilt 359 Ultra Custom TT Crew Cab. That’s a good start. But soon enough, things changed. From the factory, there was only a single Detroit Diesel engine. But Harrah wanted it to have dual engines. 
To get there, the front end and frame had to be lengthened. In all, the semi-truck is now 44 feet long, deftly accommodating the two 14.0-liter Detroit Diesels. But more is never enough. That’s why Thor prominently features 12 superchargers festooned above the hood. And chrome pipes, lots of chrome pipes. 
Plus nitrous. Why not? So with everything else packed into Thor, why not add flame throwers? It has those, too. We know what all of this extreme cost Harrah, but added to that is its extreme weight. The thing weighs over 32,000 lbs. 
So how do you, can you, stop a 32,000 lb truck hurling along the open stretches? With four parachutes, of course. But you have to have more aesthetics than some chrome pipes and a gang of superchargers. So let’s start at the front.
The massive custom-made chrome grille is an enlarged version of a 1934 Ford grille, only tweaked a bit. An equally massive bumper is also custom-made, bending from the peak of the grille to the fenders. Running no hood gives it a hot rod flair.
Painted along the sides of the candy apple red body are custom flames. Then there are the Viking swords mounted under the side windows because, why not? Plus, they go with the whole Thor theme. 
To really cement the Viking vibe, there is a massive mural like you’ve never seen on a 1970s van. It depicts Vikings battling it out. Or something. Look, if you’ve got the back of a sleeper the size of a billboard, you put something on it, right? So in this case, it’s fighting Vikings. 
Hannah claims it is the most powerful big rig in the world. Ever. And who are we to argue? It definitely has plenty of presence and a huge entertainment factor. We don’t know what Hannah’s intent was for Thor, but he does make it available for entertainment and film opportunities. So for your next picnic or bar mitzvah, keep Thor in mind. 
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