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Singapore, SIngapore, Sept. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The new star of Web3, EDDAVerse, has officially partnered with Inery, a revolutionary new Layer 1 blockchain and decentralized data system that has taken the industry by storm. 
This collaboration between EDDAVerse and Inery will expand the possibilities of Web3, NFTs, IP growth and Metaverse. The fundamental infrastructure layer of Web 3.0 provided by Inery will be used by EDDAVerse to bring its creativity to the fullest. This collaboration will provide some interesting projects to the worldwide community.  
While EDDAVerse is bringing an unmatched pedigree in Web3 combined with innovation, Inery blockchain brings in high-performance capabilities and unparalleled security which allow it to support a wide range of use-cases in different industries, including finance, enterprise, healthcare and GameFi. The synergy enabled by this high-profile partnership will lead to several new and exciting developments, which the companies will expand on in the coming months.
About EDDAVerse
EDDAVerse is a prolific builder in Web3 (NFTs, social tokens, IP creation & blockchain gaming) and is home to the most exciting and engaging characters of Web3. With its Web3 expertise, EDDAVerse enables the world’s largest companies, foundations, brands, and celebrities, including movie stars, actors, and athletes, to kickstart their Web3 journey by providing end-to-end solutions from ideation to execution to monetization.
EDDAVerse’s flagship IP is ‘The MadTrooper’, with one of the most successful NFT collections on Solana. The MadTrooper was one of the first to enable Solana NFT staking and has a blockchain game with full NFT integration in the gameplay. EDDAVerse has also developed the multi-chain EDDASwap ecosystem, which comprises several different verticals including NFTs, DeFi, and real-world luxury collectibles.
The CEO and founder of EDDAVerse is Mike Patel, a high-impact entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience, having founded and exited several ventures in India, Singapore, and Silicon Valley. He formally consults European investment houses and family offices on large-scale blockchain-based investments, primarily cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He has hosted cryptocurrency and blockchain panels at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, for over 4 years, and has also been a keynote speaker at several crypto conferences around the world. He has previously established a luxury consulting company that worked with global brands such as Jaguar, BMW, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), Audi, and Remy Martin. 
About Inery
Inery is a layer-1 blockchain designed to offer the solution of decentralized database management with the vision to enable a new paradigm for data. It lays the foundation for Web3 by seamlessly connecting with systems, applications, and layer-1 networks. Inery offers unparalleled speed and high performance and is sybil resistant and tamper-proof.
Inery’s database management solution integrates blockchain functionalities with distributed database management properties. Built on a decentralized infrastructure, Inery Decentralized Data System supports high throughput, low latency, complex query search and owner-controlled data assets. Inery allows developers and enterprises to securely store, access, manage and deliver data on a decentralized infrastructure supporting various industries.
Inery boasts a strong internal team filled with seasoned professionals in blockchain development, marketing, and finance, while being led by a duo of experienced entrepreneurs with decades of proven successes behind them. The company was founded by CEO Dr. Naveen Singh Suhag, and CTO Ivan Vujic. Dr Naveen is a Switzerland-based entrepreneur whose successful projects cover the diverse fields of sports, academics, healthcare, innovation, blockchain technology, business, telecommunications, and philanthropy. Inery’s CTO Ivan Vujic has been leading burgeoning IT projects for over 15 years while spearheading several blockchain projects as their lead advisor. After identifying potential drawbacks in the decentralization and database management space, they became actively involved with Inery, in 2020. Simon Murray, the founder of Orange Telecom has since joined the team as a chairman of the board, dedicated to propagating Inery use cases. To ensure mainstream adoption, Ex-VP of Global Marketing of Apple, Satjiv S Chahil has joined Inery as a principal advisor. The company has since crafted numerous partnerships with reputable companies such as Metavest, GEM, Truth Ventures and NexBloc. 


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