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A rustic lakeside cabin may not be your go-to visual when thinking of properties along the Cumberland River, but wait until you see this one!
September 6, 2022
Despite the buzzing nightlife found on the banks of Nashville’s Cumberland River, a little further down you can also find the opposite — properties where tranquility and silence reign. One such property, a recently completed custom 1,400-square-foot cabin built by Castle Homes, offers architectural beauty and a stunning view.
This gorgeous lakeside cabin oasis is in Nashville!
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This two-bedroom and two-bath residence on the northwest side of Nashville would be equally at home in the mountains as it is riverside. Nestled on a 140-acre parcel that also includes a man-made lake and main home, this home conjures up memories of childhood summers — catching minnows and doing cannonballs off the lakeside dock.
A ground-up build completed in only four months, the one-level cabin was thoughtfully designed to fit into the surrounding environment and play off the architectural details of the family’s primary abode, located on the opposite side of the lake. And while the property’s history is largely unknown, there are intriguing hints about its past. “While excavating, we found an interesting batch of crystalized oyster shells,” says Castle Homes owner and architect Alan Looney. “It was believed that Indians may have inhabited this area since many arrowheads have also been found on the property.”
The home’s exterior is eye-catching, to be sure. Tucked into the edge of a wooded expanse, it features earthy elements such as a stone foundation and cedar shake roof with copper flashing. Additionally, the implementation of bark siding brings a unique texture and aesthetic. “As the builder on this project,” says Alan, “our goal was to blend the home with the beautiful, natural scenery.” Inside, the home’s interior takes on a more modern spin, with vaulted tongue-and-groove ceilings, exposed beams, and a relatively open floor plan.
“We could’ve done a lot of stain, but it would have made it too rustic looking,” explains Castle Homes owner and architect Alan Looney of the interior design. Instead, he opted for a nickel gap, planked ceiling in the living room, then implemented ceiling timbers and wall paneling.
Wide-plank engineered flooring was finished on-site to achieve the perfect color tones. The result is a beautiful combination of rustic and modern aesthetics. “It’s not dark, and the furniture is more transitional, so it looks a little more timeless,” Alan tells us.
This stacked stone fireplace adds to the cabin vibe while complementing the color scheme.
“The color tone of the stone was important,” says Alan. “We didn’t want it to be too gray; we wanted some warmth to it. The color tone kind of goes along with the drapes. It’s real stone with a chiseled face, shaped to that size. It’s very well put together.”
The main space encompasses the family room, kitchen area, and dining space, with a bedroom and bath on either side of the kitchen. But it’s the home’s balconies that deliver the most captivating elements, with comfortable Adirondack chair seating and views that wow — the perfect retreat for friends and family to unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life. “Sitting on the front porch watching the sun rise makes this view extraordinary,” Alan tells us. “Just beyond the lake, you can watch the riverboats cruise up and down the Cumberland River. Serenity perfectly describes this property. Whether gathering around one of the many fire pits on the property, swinging on the porch watching the wildlife wander, or fishing on the banks of the lake, it’s the perfect setting to get back to the basics.”
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Earthtones and natural materials give the home a tranquil ambiance that begs for quiet moments.
Natural light floods the primary living space, thanks to large Marvin windows.
With two guest bedrooms flanking the kitchen, the home is a guest cottage of sorts — a comfortable environment for guests and family to rest and refuel.
“When people come in for a long weekend or a week’s stay, you don’t need a gigantic kitchen,” offers Alan. “But it has the amenities — a refrigerator, a range, a microwave, and a little island that separates it from the main room but offers additional seating.” The cabinets (in Sherwin-Williams Sea Serpent) add a pop of color against the Matarazzo quartzite countertop and textured backsplash.
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This beautiful bedroom offers guests a cozy place to read, sleep in, or gaze at the gorgeous scenery!
“The decor might be a little bit different in each bedroom, but overall, they are the same size, and there are two full baths with showers,” Alan says.
Grenada Blend mosaic slides bring in a modern element to this guest bathroom.
Highly secluded on roughly 140 acres, you know a property offers a little slice of heaven when the architect dreams of visiting. “It’s not a rental, but I was joking around with my client, saying, ‘If you ever put this on VRBO, I’ll be the first one in there!’” says Alan. And while the homeowner may not have plans to rent the cabin, he does have plans for an additional build. “We’re actually building another house out there — the final one,” Alan tells us. “It’s going to be their main house, so he’s basically going to have two guesthouses once he moves into this big house.”
“If you look closely at some of the details around the dining room, bay window, and a few other areas, it looks like tree bark,” says Alan. “It really is tree bark!” Derived from a poplar tree, Alan explains that it’s similar to a cedar shake siding, only it’s not cedar. “It’s a cool look, and you don’t see a lot of it,” he adds.
This already-built dock offers a birdseye view of the man-made lake and pristine landscaping. “The whole property is manicured like you wouldn’t believe,” Alan says. “He has people there day in and day out, trimming trees and mowing. It’s a resort!”
All photos courtesy of Leslie Brown Photography.
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