September 24, 2023

Bethesda, Maryland–(Newsfile Corp. – August 29, 2022) – The Bando Investment Group has highlighted the attractiveness of real estate as an investment class through the success of its new approach to luxury real estate. The company’s CEO and founder, Nelson Epega, formed a community of like-minded real estate investors called The Million Marathon Fund, most of whom he met through connections on social media.
The Million Marathon Fund has successfully raised funds for a community of 21 single-family homes at Bowie in Maryland, valued at $36 million, as well as Annapolis, valued at $48 million. It has also recently completed the financing for an $81.25 million 296-unit apartment complex in Buford, Georgia, as a limited partner. The Bando Investment Group specializes in offering homeowners luxury homes that are at the cutting edge in terms of technology and decor at prices that are very reasonable compared to other players in the market.
Commenting on Bando Investment Group’s unique approach to the luxury housing market, the company’s founder and CEO, Nelson Epega, said, “We specialize in the construction of luxury homes that are designed to excite with the use of future-proof smart technology, advanced construction techniques and high-end materials. We provide customers with homes having features that other builders are not providing at that price point in the luxury housing market. All the homes we build are LEED certified. In our Annapolis project, we have homes with a starting price of $650,000 equipped with features like elevators, intelligent lighting and an array of smart appliances and fixtures. We pay much attention to the external and internal design of the homes we build. For example, the modern, contemporary designs we used for the homes we built as part of our Pikesville project, look like homes in California and Florida, deviating from the traditional farmhouse and transitional types of homes generally seen in the north-east. Our focus is on providing our customers with personalized, well-designed luxury homes that are also functional and energy-efficient.”
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