July 19, 2024

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A Bucks County builder and historian will be heading to the Adriatic Sea in search of rare and legendary bronze statues.
Fred Hagen, owner of Hagen Construction in Bensalem, has been traveling the world in search of adventure for a very long time. In his latest expedition, he will be heading to Croatia in search of a series of bronze statures that were lost in the time of Ancient Rome.
Beloved to be lost during get reign of Emperor Trajan, the statues were built between 98 BC and 117 AD. Many believe that they sit underneath the Adriatic Sea, the result of a ship wreck. The discovery of the famed Croatian Apoxymonos statue in 1962 has lended credence to the theory that multiple, similar statues lay in wait under the sea.
Hagen, who has participated in archeological missions like diving to the wreck of the Titanic and salvaging a World War ll aircraft, will be going to the country with a team of professionals in search of the statues.
His background in the historical field will help the team in their quest to find the remaining statues.
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