October 1, 2023

BirdDogBot is a platform that provides users with insider tips that can help real estate investors to get a great deal. This search engine has two different subscriptions available, depending on how active the user wants to be in the real estate market.

What is BirdDogBot?

The real estate market has undergone substantial changes through the last decade, and anyone who wants to invest in it needs a little direction. People who have been involved in this market for a while understand the changes and demands, but they can still afford to get a little direction in some of the most exclusive opportunities around. With BirdDogBot, anyone can make a big difference in their profits in the real estate market.
BirdDogBot allows users to instantly create their account to get access to all of the tips available. It offers support as a search engine to show real estate investment opportunities within seconds, and users can start on the same day. The whole point of this program is to help consumers to make deals easier to find, offering some of the top investment opportunities available.
Users can access the deals that work for their specific location, narrowing down the search results by their prices, several bathrooms and bedrooms, current listing status, and property type. Users will also get consistent notifications for classified ads as soon as they post, allowing users to get access to opportunities quickly and constantly.
Part of the reason this platform is so helpful is that the BirdDogBot platform uses an algorithm that evaluates properties, checks ads, and more. With each notification, users get an advanced notice that gives users a little leverage when they put in bids. They also get more details on the history of each property recommended to them, though they don’t have to make a purchase immediately. Instead, they can monitor the listings for changes in their market value, rental income, and other details.

Users don’t have to shop around with visits to different properties to make a purchase. Instead, every property can easily be viewed online, and users get unlimited searches to make their choice. Plus, users won’t have to worry that they’ll end up flooded with properties that don’t meet their desired standards. Instead, they only see the properties that work for what they want to buy.
To further help new customers, BirdDogBot’s comprehensive Help Center has nearly any answer that customers might need.

Finding Deals with BirdDogBot

To make the most of the services offered by BirdDogBot, users need to find the deals that will make a difference in their search. Users can either search on their own or create an automated schedule for BirdDogBot to run on its own. That means that users will have access to Search Projects, Classifieds Alert Projects, and more.

Analyzing Deals with BirdDogBot

The analysis of properties focuses on filtering through the properties with the user’s specifications. This process doesn’t require that users actively seek out their investments because the algorithm does everything. It is pre-loaded with default settings to browse all the listings, allowing users to get started from the moment they sign up.
Users will need to fill out their own settings to personalize the results. Once they do, they will only view properties that meet those criteria.

Tracking Deals with BirdDogBot

Tracking the deals is just as important as finding them. Users can use the same algorithm to understand exactly what the properties are going through until they are purchased. Users don’t have to stick with the results provided by the platform; instead, they can import deals from the MLS system or others to keep track of changes.

To get a little more insight into tracking these details appropriately, watch the following video: https://youtu.be/20YIxqPtzcU.

Getting Started With BirdDogBot

Consumers who want to see the best deals through BirdDogBot need to create an account that requires their name and email address. Once their profile is created, they will have their choice of signing up for a Starter or Investor account.
With a Starter account, consumers will have access to unlimited property searches. They will receive recommendations for the best investments for beginners. They can use one city, zip code, or county to automate deals, and they will have access to all deal-finding tools offered by BirdDogBot.
Users get all of the content offered with the Starter account, but the searches provide substantially more value. The Investor account gives users unlimited searches as well. However, instead of just getting one city, zip code, or county, users have automated searches for up to 10. This account is often recommended for serious investors who invest in multiple areas and collaborate with partners.
No matter which accounts the users choose, the creators at BirdDogBot offer a 7-day trial for $7. After the seven days, if the user decides to stick with BirdDogBot, they’ll pay $47 monthly as a Starter or $97 monthly as an Investor.

General Questions About BirdDogBot

Can users view BirdDogBot on their mobile device?
Yes. Users can visit the website on their phone by logging in with the mobile web version. Unfortunately, there is no app currently in development, but they can use the same login as they use on their computer.
What if BirdDogBot doesn’t find any deals for the user?
A few problems could be the culprit if the user goes through multiple searches without producing what they need. Start by completing initializing the searches and check the color of the run button. Orange buttons mean that projects are initializing, while green buttons mean that the search results are available.
If this change doesn’t make an impact, users can adjust their Search Project filters or do a manual check on the properties being analyzed to correct this issue.
What is Search Initialization?
Search Initialization is a process that allows BirdDogBot to check for the properties that can be analyzed for the subscriber. This process happens anytime the user creates a search project. The process doesn’t usually require any changes by the user.

What if users aren’t sure about starting their first project?
Users can watch this video to learn more about getting started: https://youtu.be/ighMIqIrRpg.
If users have other questions, they can search for their inquiries at https://www.birddogbot.com/contact.php or submit them to the creators with the online form. They can also send an email to support@birddogbot.com.


BirdDogBot helps consumers to improve their chances of making a ton of money from real estate. It works with multiple platforms to track necessary details on the value and rental prices from properties in the selected city (or cities) that the user wants to view. Plus, anyone who signs up for the larger of the two subscriptions can track up to 10 locations at once to broaden the scope of their profits.


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