February 25, 2024

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) – Anyone can build their own home as an “owner-builder” without using a contractor as long as they meet all requirements outlined in a North Carolina state statute.
One of these requirements is that the owner-builder must live in the home for one year before trying to sell.
A few weeks ago, two homes in Carolina Beach — both built by owner-builders and both in the Carolina Sands neighborhood — were up for sale.
One hit the market soon after its completion; one was listed before construction had even finished.
Both were up for sale well before the one-year mark.
The buyers brought it to the attention of Carolina Beach leaders, who looked into these cases
“The folks interested in buying the houses came to us and at that point, their permits would be revoked if they’re still active and they would have to reapply,” Carolina Beach Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin said. “And it would also go to the North Carolina licensing board and it would be a misdemeanor and fine as well.”
Both of the homes have since been taken off the market and Carolina Beach has turned the matter over to the state inspector.
Town officials want you to know they will continue to take these seriously.
“There is a lot of development at Carolina Beach and we do have limited eyes, but we’re there to make sure that everything is done properly and by North Carolina General Statutes so if something comes up or someone gives us information, we are going to act on it,” Parvin said.
This may be an issue in other areas as well.
If you’ve run into this problem, we want to hear about it.
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