July 18, 2024

A big part of the road trip experience is stopping at gas stations or truck stops along the way. From the wide variety of unique snacks to the curious oddities available in the shopping area, there is usually something to chuckle about and enjoy on your journey. But since EV owners are making fewer stops on road trips, Chevy reimagined the ideal garage for those with gas station snack food FOMO.
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When switching to an EV, many find themselves “refueling” (aka charging) their vehicle at home. That means fewer guilty pleasure snacks or one-of-a-kind drinks — like Flamin’ Hot Cheeto-flavored Mountain Dew — often found inside gas stations. While that might be beneficial to your overall health, one Chevy EV owner felt like she was missing out.
Working with celebrity designer and builder Wendell Holland, Chevrolet redesigned the garage of Denver resident Pamela Talley into an at-home convenience store. The Bolt EV owner admitted that the vehicle was great for her life and family, but that she ultimately missed some of her favorite snacks. Holland went to work with a team to install all kinds of goodies in Pamela’s garage. They added countertops with rolling hot dogs, slushies, chips, lollipops, coffee, beef jerky, water, fresh fruit, and — of course — a handful of Bolt and Chevy accents on the walls.
“I’ve seen firsthand how homeowners are evolving their space to fit the EV lifestyle, so collaborating with Chevy on this garage transformation was a seamless fit,” said Holland. “To create the ultimate garage space for Pamela, we incorporated inspiration from beloved gas station snacks and transformed the space into a modern oasis for EV living.”
While this setup isn’t ideal for everyone, and likely comes with a lot of upkeep for restocking the snacks (nevermind the persistent hot dog smell), Chevy’s goal was likely to showcase how the automotive world is changing. And hey, it might inspire some people to renovate their own garages in ways that make the space more inviting for their electric vehicles!
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