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Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When faced with challenges, Jimmy Capra, Click Medical's co-founder and CEO, employs the Innovation Mindset into his creative and decision making processes. Through his 40-year career, Capra has learned how to step out of his comfort zone, letting go of fear of failure, to solve problems in truly new and innovative ways. "To succeed in selling a component product, which needs to be incorporated into a design, you need to invite and inspire your customers to think innovatively about how to build your product into theirs," says Capra.  How to enter the Innovation Mindset process is the topic of the session he is hosting at the 2022 American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) National Assembly in San Antonio, Texas on September 30.
In 2014, Click Medical was inspired by incorporating the Boa® lacing system from a snowboard boot into an adjustable panel on a prosthesis so an amputee could self-adjust the fit of their own device. This inspiration is a great example of the results of using the Innovation Mindset. Previously amputees had only once choice…grin and bear the fit of their rigid socket. The residual limbs of amputees come in endless shapes and sizes and change in shape throughout the day. And amputees have diverse requirements for their prostheses from sitting to walking to cycling or even skiing. A solution was needed where a user could adjust the fit and function of their socket, by themselves, as needed. With Click Medical's adjustable socket componentry, a prosthesis can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet the needs of the user with a simple turn of a dial.  "We want to invite all prosthetists to open up to the Innovation Mindset and create new ways to add adjustability to each socket they build," says Capra.
Innate curiosity helps people to enter the Innovative Mindset, but Capra realizes this can be difficult, especially when there are multiple levels involved in the design and build process. At a prosthetic clinic, the clinic owner, the prosthetist, the technician, and the patient all need to be involved. Capra finds the greatest challenge may be the simple human fear that comes along with change.  To overcome these challenges, a clinic owner must be dedicated to trusting the Innovation Mindset and invite their colleagues to do the same.  This allows for creativity to emerge, reframes failure into a learning process, and provides the opportunity to bring forth new solutions.
The Innovative Mindset can be beneficial in other areas of a clinic's business as well. Click Medical VP of Business Development, Brian Simmons, states, "Change is hard at any level! It's easy to fall back on old standard prosthetic construction techniques instead of being innovative. Unfortunately, the narrow O&P insurance billing codes reinforce that thinking."  Simmons has developed Three Solutions to Success, which was featured in a recent article in The O&P Edge. It outlines how clinic owners can think beyond the norm elevating their business as well as their prosthetic designs to a more creative level and ultimately help amputees in incredible ways.

Attendees of the 2022 AAOP National Assembly are invited to hear Jimmy Capra share his approach to the Innovation Mindset and to meet Brian Simmons on Friday, September 30, at 4:00 PM, Hall B9. You can also hear Capra speak on the topic in The O&P Check-in: an SPS Podcast.
About Click Medical: Click Medical brings life-changing adjustability technology to the O&P industry. In 2014 the Boa® lacing system from a snowboard boot inspired the idea of adjustability in prosthetic devices which would become Click Medical. Our mission is to empower users to overcome limitations, regain mobility and reclaim dignity. 
Click Medical is known for the RevoFit® Kits and the RevoLock® Kits. 
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