March 30, 2023

Every system builder or high-end laptop owner knows that the biggest upgrade you can make to your machine is to add an SSD. Amazon is selling three Crucial solid state drives that have been slashed to a point where you will not feel the purchase stinging your wallet or bank account because, depending on the model, you can avail up to a 34 percent price cut.
The P5 Plus 2TB is Crucial’s only M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD in this deal and is the one that got the biggest discount out of the three listed below. It is available for $210.99, resulting in savings of $109, and offers a significant speed boost to your laptop or desktop computer. The company claims that you can get up to 6,600MB/s in sequential read speeds and up to 720,000 in IOPS. It is also backwards compatible with the PCIe Gen 3 standard, so if your motherboard or laptop does not support the Gen 4 standard, this SSD will still be detected and run.
You also get a 5-year limited warranty, with an endurance rating of 1200TBW (terabytes written), so it will take years before you have to upgrade to a new solid state drive. As for the remaining SSDs, the Crucial BX500 support the SATA III interface and come in the 2.5-inch form factor. Both are available in the 1TB and 2TB capacities, with prices of $64.99 and $154.99, respectively. While these are not as fast as the P5 Plus, they will still give your desktop or laptop (if the manufacturer has allowed it) a decent speed boost while offering adequate storage.
You get a 3-year limited warranty with any of the SATA III SSDs, with speeds of up to 540MB/s. Crucial is a well-known maker of memory and storage products, so you should put your mind at ease, knowing that you will have a reliable item in your hands that will eventually make its way to your computer.
Act now before the deal expires.
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