September 30, 2022

A balcony collapse on September 16 in Daly City injured four people, including two children. The accident occurred at a home on Westmoor Avenue near Seaview Drive at about 1:07 p.m. The Chief of the North County Fire Authority said the home where the accident occurred was a single-family two-story.  
According to the accident report, the incident involved two adults as well as two children who were all on the balcony when the collapse occurred. Multiple rescue and fire teams were at the scene to assist. Those who were injured were transported by ambulance to a nearby trauma center. 
The crews with the fire companies stayed at the accident scene for around an hour. A structural investigation is being conducted by a building inspector to determine why the accident happened.
Many people are unaware of the dangers of deck or balcony collapse. A balcony, deck failure or collapse causes over 6,000 serious injuries, resulting in permanent disabilities and fatalities every year. While building codes and requirements have become tougher, millions of decks built years ago were constructed before codes were as stringent. In many cases, decks have become dilapidated or dangerous due to poor maintenance. Deck collapses are almost always preventable.
Suddenly feeling a balcony give way underneath you can be a terrifying experience, especially if other family members are with you. These accidents often occur because the construction was faulty or the ledger or joist gave way. Common injuries that can happen in a balcony collapse include:
Any of these injuries can result in high medical expenses, lost wages for breadwinners in the family and, of course, the pain and suffering that goes along with it. With the help of an accident attorney, the injured party may be able to recover compensation for their injuries by placing a premises liability lawsuit or a claim against the builder. To prove your claim, one of the following must be shown:
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A pregnant woman lost her fetus and six people were injured in a traffic crash in Rio Linda at the Elverta Road intersection on September 16.
A head-on crash in Rio Linda along Curved Bridge Road just west of Dry Creek Road on September 14 caused at least one person to be injured.
Two vehicles experienced a run-off-road accident on the Cap City Freeway near the eastbound El Camino Ave on-ramp on Sept 7 after colliding.
A Sacramento traffic crash along southbound S.R. 51 at the Exposition Boulevard off-ramp on September 3 injured at least one person.
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