May 29, 2023

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Pelosi Trip Starts to Raise Angst in Asia’s Currency Markets
Korean Inflation Quickens, Boosting Case for Further Rate Hikes
Pinterest Surges in Rally on Users, Elliott as Top Holder
Morgan Stanley, BofA Subpoenaed by Twitter in Musk Fight
Alibaba Drops as Inclusion in US Delisting List Fuels Jitters
Michigan’s Whitmer Woos Chip Plants After US Passes Incentives
US Anti-Terrorism Operation in Afghanistan Kills Al-Qaeda Leader
They Quit Goldman’s Star Trading Team, Then the Bank Raised Alarms
Share of Consumers Spending More Than They Earn Rises on Inflation
Brewers Trade All-Star Closer Josh Hader to Padres
PGA Tour Nearing $500 Million in Prize Money Next Season
HSBC’s Promises Won’t Satisfy Ping An for Long
Bangladesh Outshone India. Now It Must Learn from its Neighbor
Food Prices Are Falling. Why Is There Still a Hunger Crisis?
One of TikTok’s Biggest Stars Roasts Dudes for Their Misogyny, Racism, and Fatphobia
The Indian Government’s Fight Against ‘Fake News’ Targets Political Dissent
Jazzercise Is Alive and Kicking Decades After It Got Started
White Women Cut Spending the Most as Fed Hikes Rates, Study Shows
Euro 2022 Sponsors Won’t Reveal How Much They Did, or Didn’t Pay
Visa Must Face Claim It Profited From Pornhub Video of Child
Manchin Side-Deal Seeks to Advance Mountain Valley Pipeline
Democrats’ Oil Import Tax Would Violate Biden Pledge, Conservative Group Says
Think Your Street Needs a Redesign? Ask an AI
I Got a Crash Course in Rodent Control at D.C.’s Rat Academy
NYC Wants In-Person Dining Back. Will Restaurant Week Be the Ticket?
Binance.US Delists Amp Token That SEC Deemed a Security
N.Y. Attorney General Courts Crypto Whistle-Blowers
Short Bets Against MicroStrategy Surge to a Record After Its Shares Rebound

David Baszucki
A parent’s first glance at kids playing Roblox can be bewildering. They steer their little avatars at a frantic clip while tapping out bursts of competitive poppycock to one another via chat. The swarm escapes dinosaurs, flees exploding volcanoes, hunts sharks, etc.—there’s a seemingly limitless array of adventures. Along the way, players rack up points, and when they’re injured or stuck and need to “reset,” in Roblox lingo, there’s a signature sound: Oof!
It doesn’t matter how lost parents are. Their children, who’ve likely spent hours attempting to explain what’s transpiring on their iPads, are obsessed. Last year, as in-person socializing ground to a halt, many young people turned to the platform as a proxy. With playgrounds shuttered, moms and dads exchanged kids’ Roblox handles and arranged Roblox play dates. In between Zoom calls, parents fielded impassioned pleas for more Robux—the digital currency players use to purchase things for their avatars. Currently, $9.99 buys 800 Robux; a cool cape costs 100 Robux.


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