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ROSEAU, Dominica, Oct. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The real estate sector has gained significant popularity amongst investors worldwide and has become a common topic of discussion among High Net-Worth Individuals who are seeking to diversify their portfolios. Owing to the profitable returns and prestige that the sector carries, it presents the perfect investment for anyone with adequate resources and a willingness to invest.

However, investment in real estate does not need to be limited to monetary returns. Caribbean countries, such as the Commonwealth of Dominica, can provide individuals who contribute to the countries’ real estate sector with alternative citizenship by virtue of their Citizenship by Investment programmes (CBI). Recipients are then entitled to the same rights as those who were born in the country.
In addition to the breath-taking beauty of the island, the real estate options offered by the Commonwealth of Dominica are some of the most luxurious and versatile in the world – this includes the names of several top-rated, exclusive villas and resorts. A number of these investment options are also linked to the country’s Citizenship by Investment programme (CBI), currently the world’s best CBI programme according to the CBI Index 2022. With a minimum investment of only $200,000 (USD), investors can choose from a variety of investment options.
The government has approved various ongoing and completed real estate projects in Dominica. Major government-approved real-estate projects include Secret Bay, Jungle Bay, Anichi Resort and Fort Young Hotel.
Secret Bay is an award-winning boutique resort. Its luxury villas provide high-end travellers with an intimate setting of private plunge pools, dedicated villas and secret beaches. The Secret Bay’s Staywell Programme is based on three premises: green and clean practices, nutrition-based vitality and engagement with Dominica’s healing biodiversity. In 2020 it was ranked as the best Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas by Travel + Leisure‘s 2020 World’s Best Awards survey. Secret Bay is just one of the resorts included in the Citizen by Investment programme (CBI).
Jungle Bay is another Dominican boutique resort, another an award-winning adventure and wellness retreat, located on the nature isle of the Caribbean. The resort provides world-class amenities like luxury accommodation and a spa and yoga retreat. It is also the perfect romantic getaway for couples. Visitors can hike the remarkable Boiling Lake trail, while also enjoying a wide variety of Dominican cuisines and spell binding views of the landscape.
The Anichi Resort is yet another government-approved real estate project that has been included in the Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme. This extravagant venture forms part of the Marriott International’s prestigious Autograph Collection. As a government-approved project, investing in this resort provides a route for individuals looking to become citizens of Dominica. Any investor who purchases a suite receives a title deed with their citizenship, with benefits applying to both single applicants and families as well.
Along with these, various government-approved projects, such as Bois Colette, Ocean Edge Development, Sanctuary Rainforests Eco Resort and Spa, Tranquillity Beach Resort, Range Developments and many more, provide investors with a straightforward and advantageous route to alternative citizenship in Dominica.
Dominica’s tranquil and pristine environment soothes the soul and provides unprecedented peace of mind. The country is enriched with natural beauty, from its numerous rivers and waterfalls to its rugged mountains and turquoise seas. It’s also home to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, the awe-inspiring Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Investing in real estate on the island allows investors to discover the wealth and natural beauty of the country.
The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica has, for six years now, been ranked the world’s leading programme by the CBI Index, published annually by the PWM Magazine of The Financial Times. The CBI Index is the most comprehensive existing evaluation of CBI programmes in thirteen jurisdictions. It evaluates programmes on the basis of nine specific aspects, named the ‘nine pillars of excellence’.
Of these nine pillars of excellence, Dominica has excelled in six, namely, the minimum investment outlay required, mandatory travel and residence conditions, ease of processing, the due diligence of the process, the ability for family to gain citizenship, and the certainty and robustness of the programme. Across the pillars it has scored 90%, with 81 points.
Citizenship by Investment refers to gaining citizenship to a country through investing a certain amount in the country’s economy. Investors from across the globe are thus able to acquire citizenship in Dominica by investing either in the country’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or in real estate.
The real estate option involves investing in a government-approved real estate project, valued at a minimum of $200,000 (USD), with government fees starting from $25,000 per applicant. The property must then be held for at least three years.
To gain citizenship in Dominica the applicant need follow only five simple steps:
Step 1 – Choose and contact an authorised agent
Step 2 – Submit the application
Step 3 – Due diligence checks are performed
Step 4 – Application is reviewed by CBI Dominica
Step 5 – Payment and certification.
The Commonwealth of Dominica presents a rich opportunity for investment. Its business environment provides investors with a diversity of business opportunities and the stability required for enterprises to grow. In addition to this, Dominica’s CBI programme offers investors the benefits of global mobility and citizenship. Yet it’s not all business. While Dominica’s CBI can open the world to its investors, the country is a wellspring of personal wealth: as the nature isle of the Caribbean, it offers an exceptional standard of living and peace of mind – investments which provide unrivalled returns.
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