July 14, 2024

DreamWay is an NFT blockchain game where you can earn real income based on the life of a real businessman. You can buy characters in this game, which come from NFTs among the 7 DreamWay Game characters. If you are into roleplaying games where you can interact with other characters, this NFT game might be perfect for you.
Currently, there are 11,000 random NFT characters with 500 different attributes and 7 heroes with more than 700 attributes in DreamWay. This game was founded by their CEO, Evgeny, and developed with the help of his team, composed of an NFT specialist, a creative director, and an art director. It is still in the process of completion, but DreamWay Games is expected to do well in the future once it is officially released.
This article will talk about DreamWay Game, its development, tokenomics, gameplay, and many more insights to help you learn everything you need to know to get started. And since this is an NFT game, consider checking out our comprehensive guide on what is an NFT? and how to make an NFT from scratch to improve your knowledge of this new phenomenon.
DreamWay is a part of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) industry that uses the newest blockchain technology to run it. It contains a variety of game genres that players can enjoy, such as; Economics and City Building Simulator, Real Life Simulator, and different quests and puzzles.
The plot is based on the story of the main character’s journey from being a developer to a successful financial tycoon. His path serves as the game’s plot when it goes into in-game production. All the other 6 characters are the people who have accompanied him throughout his entire career.
Your goal in the game is to create Dream Village, located near the lagoon shore in the Metropolis. It is set in the future, where houses can be 3D printed, and the energy sources are fully renewable. You will have a team of professionals helping you achieve your goals and make plans to increase your village’s ratings.
This easy-to-play and profit-earning blockchain game will help you gain more knowledge in economics and how to run a business. As you progress through the game, you will also learn the needed skills to be a multi-millionaire and a good leader for your team.
If you work well with your team, make wise decisions, and take the initiative, you will have more chances of gaining success as a business tycoon. To simulate real-life situations of being a businessman, the game will also come with unpredictable turns and tasks to challenge you and your team.
DreamWay Games has announced their upcoming Initial Dex Offer (IDO) Pass, where you can purchase an NFT character to get guaranteed access to IDO. You can buy DMC tokens for $50 each and allocate a maximum of $350 for 7 NFT characters. 
Here is the IDO information that you need to know so far:
Hardcap: $550,000
Symbol: Dreamcoin (DMC)
Sale Price: 1 DMC = $0.15
Total Supply: 3,650,000 DMC
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Distribution: To be announced
Vesting: 10% TGE, 6 months linearly after
The tokens used in the Dreamway game are called Dreamcoins ($DMC), and it runs under Binance Smart Chain BEP-20, used exclusively in the DreamWay universe for in-game economics. BEP-20 is chosen as the token standard since it is fast, progressive, and has minimal transaction fees on the platform.
Token name: $DMC
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Standard: BEP-20
Maximum amount of DMC in the market: 1,000,000,000
Players who sign up for the game early will receive Dreamcoins as an incentive to interact with other players and contribute to the community. Their tokens are not available for mining at the moment. However, it shall be available for staking by the holders of these assets.
The DreamWay platform allows third-party game integrations by other online game developers, e-sport content, influencers, traffic channel providers, and internet celebrities in their trading platform. The DreamWay economy uses its decentralized tokens to achieve a mutual ecosystem that is a win-win for all parties involved.
There are many benefits to signing up and playing DreamWay. The community members all get rewards and gifts, and the more you play the game, the more additional benefits you can get.
Here are some of the benefits you can get from the DreamWay Team NFTs:
Once you sign up for the game, you will get VIP event access. Since DreamWay is yet to be released, you will also be given access to the Beta gameplay and get Dreamcoin (DMC) tokens that will be airdropped in the future (to be announced).
You can also get exclusive attributes such as items in hand and unique clothing styles and accessories.
Everyone in the game has their skills and profession that you can use within the game to increase your efficiency. These types of NFTs are unique and will likely never be released again.
If you own a DreamWay NFT, it is considered a preferred share in the ownership of a DreamWay Project. The team designed this game to share the income it will generate with its holders. They consider this a fair deal for their early players, who are also game investors.
Owning one NFT with a value of $50 will entitle you to a basic distribution of the game’s token called Dreamcoins (DMC). This is a great way to increase your assets and enjoy in-game packs of valuable resources.
There are 7 DreamWay characters. Players can pick one and receive exclusive attributes that will give them in-game advantages. Your chosen character will also allow you to receive profits in the game economy. 
There will also be other random 11,000-something characters in the game that will be released on Ethereum as ERC-721 ETC. The mint price of the DreamWay NFTs is 50 MATIC, and the free airdrop will allow the early players to get one of the 1000 NFTs for FREE.
The NFT collection is composed of 7 characters that are programmed to generate over 100 possible attributes and traits. They also have unique backgrounds and fashion styles, making other characters less common than others.
DreamWay is a business/city builder in which you have a career of your own to tend to and land you can manage. There are “Levels” that are basically jobs that you can climb up, and you are also able to build buildings and manage resources.
There are two ways to play the game; Investor or Manager. As an investor, the player purchases land, an NFT Peninsula. Investors can operate the peninsula themselves or assign another player to manage it for them. Managers are players that play for free and, under an investor, oversee peninsula operations themselves. Managers earn whatever is agreed in the contract with the investor.
The game is still under development so the gameplay may be subject to significant changes. However, they do have concepts, and that is what we will discuss:
Levels are practically jobs with increasing incomes. You start at Level 1 and work your way up, developing the peninsula, starting businesses, and even doing international business.
As a developer, your job is to build comfortable houses and manage the logistics between the village and the city. You can make the first robot drones that will help you build your first buildings and start resource management.
Once you become an energy tycoon, you are tasked with bringing electricity to your village. Energy tycoons can bring technology into the houses and build power stations for additional investments to increase income.
Your peninsula needs to have a water supply to be more habitable. A water supply will also allow you to build pools, waterways, and cleaning technology. You can also build your own water tower for additional investment, increasing your income.
Reaching the media provider level will provide your village with the internet. Media providers are in charge of coverage areas and smart servicing in the shops. To increase income, you can invest in communication towers for an additional payment.
You can join the millionaire club. Once you enter the club, you have opportunities to start big businesses. You are in charge of managing your rich population and international brands. Purchasing a club card will bring additional income.
Reaching this level is serious business. You are now engaging in international business, have been granted the opportunity to start a diamond mine in Africa, and are tasked with selling diamonds internationally. For an additional payment, you can create factories that will convert diamonds into brilliants that will increase your income.
Your company goes public, and you can sell your company’s stocks on the world stock exchange. To increase your brokerage’s income, you can make an additional contribution and become the owner of the most prominent brokerage.
On this final level, you can open your own international bank. As a banker, you are tasked with looking for projects to invest in and help grow. Investing in projects will multiply your income significantly. You can create an Investment Fund and earn much more for an additional payment.
As mentioned earlier, there are 7 main characters in the form of NFTs within the game. This team will help the player achieve his goal of being a multi-millionaire. These professionals are experts in their fields and will help you build your Dream Village.
The 5 professionals that have been introduced so far are:
Anna is a business consultant that handles the schemes, strategies, and how to maximize your profits in-game. Her attributes include being patient and tactful.
Andre is an incredible architect that will help plan and build the infrastructure of your Dream Village. He also comes up with bold concepts and original ideas to make the residential area more stylish and comfortable.
Katy is the realtor and marketer in the game. There is no one better at selling expensive real estate than her. 
iMonika is your handy android secretary that will help you with everything you need to do. She can quickly schedule a meeting, prepare the necessary information, and even make your coffee.
Ronald will be your business advisor. He has a lot of experience and connections that he can share with you as a mentor.
The new stages that will be released soon in the DreamWay game will include the issuance of the Dreamcoins, launching the NFT marketplace, collaborating with other brands, and listing of the game’s official launch date.

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