February 22, 2024

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – An East Texas dock builder was selected by producers of the television show The Chosen to build a custom dock on their new 1st Century village set in Midlothian.
“The Bible says to utilize your talents God gave you, and to be a part of something so big, is awesome to be able to – man, you can’t even put a dollar sign on it – um, words can’t, they can’t express how awesome it is to help take part in spreading the word worldwide,” says Dallas Herring, owner of Lakeside Construction in Troup.
He says he got a call earlier this year from the crew behind The Chosen, television series about the life of Christ.
The Chosen built a 1st Century village set in Midlothian where they are currently filming season three of the show. They asked Herring to build a custom dock for the new set.
Herring had never heard of the show before receiving the phone call. After visiting the set and talking with the crew, he got excited, but didn’t realize how it would impact him personally.
“I got home and I told my wife, I said man, this is huge,” says Herring. “So anyways, we um, we started watching the series, and had no idea it was going to be such an impact on our lives as well as millions worldwide.”
The Chosen crew gave him a set of plans for the dock they wanted him to build, and he used his experience to offer feedback.
“You know, there were a couple things I didn’t like about them, so I made my corrections to it – they were like, man why didn’t we think of that? I said, well you don’t build docks every day, you know, says Herring. “But it turned out, you know, real slick.”
Due to his agreement with The Chosen producers, he is unable to show us the actual dock until season three of the show airs later this year.
The dock is roughly 12 feet wide and 180 feet long with two walkways coming and needed to be able to hold about 1,500 people.
Herring was instructed to make the dock look like it was 2,000 years old.
He was told the dock will be shown in several scenes throughout the series.
“You know, I’m kind of anxious to see where it plays a part anyways, um, they said it was going to be in a lot which to me is awesome,” says Herring.
The dock took ten working days to build, and construction was completed about three months ago.
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