November 29, 2023

SHOREWOOD, IL — After delaying the vote for two weeks, the Shorewood Village Board voted 5-2 on Tuesday night to approve Shorewood developer Ed Mattox’s latest controversial housing project, this one called The Hamptons.
Several homeowners who live in the surrounding area strongly opposed Mattox’s housing development, but at Tuesday night’s meeting, Mattox got the green light to move ahead with his project that will go on the west end of Shorewood and on the north side of Route 52
The two Shorewood board members who voted against the development were Scott Selfridge and former long-time Mayor Rick Chapman.
Chapman’s replacement, first-term Mayor CC DeBold, voted in favor. The four others who voted for it were: Stevan Brockman, Donald Carroll, Barbara “Cookie” Kirkland and Anthony Luciano.
“The project brings new options to the village with owner-occupied, rentals and retail opportunities,” DeBold told Joliet Patch after the meeting. “We look forward to seeing this new development.”
According to the Three Rivers Association of Realtors:
Highlights of the Kipling Group’s residential housing project near Shorewood’s Town Center consist of:
Opponents have criticized the craftsmanship of the proposed project. The buildings are not expected to have brick. Instead, Mattox intends to use vinyl. Another criticism has been the density of the project, given its proximity to U.S. 52, which is a highly traveled route for semitrailers and trucks.
Mattox, 68, is the chief executive officer at Kipling Real Estate LLC. He’s a resident of Shorewood and also resides part of the year in Florida’s Palm Beach County.
In January, Joliet Patch wrote a story about Mattox that was headlined, “Ed Mattox’s Controversial Joliet Apartment Project Underway.”
That particular Mattox apartment project is on Joliet’s west side, near the southeast Frontage Road overlooking Interstate 55.
Voting against the apartment project were Jan Quillman and Larry Hug.
“There’s a history here with this man, OK? We’ve been dealing with this for five years,” Quillman said a year ago. “The original … plat five years ago was all condominiums and single family homes. It kept changing and changing. There were ingress and egress to build single family homes, and he abandoned that many years ago when this whole thing started.”
According to his LinkedIn Profile, “Edward Mattox’s keen attention to detail and flair for design has consistently placed his homes and developments above the rest. Whether you’re a major home builder or custom home builder, Edward Mattox’s Kipling Developments will provide you with all the top quality you demand for your new homeowners. Careful planning, community amenities, and protective covenants and restrictions are Kipling’s foundations.”

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