April 16, 2024

The cost of housing in Istanbul as a whole and across the country is constantly changing, and the market itself is continuously developing and progressing.
If you are planning to start investing in Turkish real estate in 2022, you need to take into account several main points that the source –https://turk.estate/en/ – revealed.¬†
Principles of real estate market
First of all, you should know that real estate prices, whether in Istanbul, in other Turkish states or in other countries of the world, are based on the basic principles that need to be studied when buying real estate:
Prices for apartments in residential complexes located near public transport stops are higher compared to those located at a considerable distance. 
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How to profitably buy an apartment in Istanbul in 2022
Is there any specific mechanism that needs to be followed? What are reliable financing methods?
In Istanbul, foreigners have several options for buying real estate:
Buying an apartment in installments
If you want to buy an apartment in this city, but you do not have the full amount, you can use one of the many installments offers that construction companies offer from time to time.
Buying an apartment in installments in Istanbul is a great opportunity for those who want to own real estate in this city, but do not have enough financial budget to decide on this step. The purchase in installments allows you to pay the full cost of the property in the long term. The duration of the installment can be up to 10 years. 
Purchase of real estate under construction (off-plan)
One of the important options available to you when buying a property in Istanbul is buying an apartment in a residential complex under construction. The cost of such objects is usually 25-30% lower than ready-made offers, which makes them profitable options for buyers who are ready to wait. 
The most popular areas of Istanbul
The location of the city opens up many different housing options for you. Below are the most popular areas of Istanbul for buying real estate in Turkey.
Basaksehir is one of the most important districts of European Istanbul, which is characterized by many positive aspects that have made it the center of attention of visitors and locals. Its key advantages: 
This area is located in the European part of the city and has a view of the Marmara Sea and the Bay of Buyukcekmedje. A metrobus line runs through it, which has contributed to the high cost of real estate investments in it. There are many important educational institutions, schools and universities here.
It has been called the modern city streets of Istanbul because it includes many modern and high-end real estate projects. The area also includes many important shopping malls such as Marmara Park Mall. Real estate in it varies greatly, as there are apartments, residential complexes, and villas here.
In this area you will find urban heritage combined with modern elements of a harmonious and amazing lifestyle. It is located between the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn Bay. The area is only 40 square kilometers from the new Istanbul Airport, which has increased the importance of real estate investment. Beyoglu contains a full range of important services and leisure opportunities. The most important international schools and universities are located here.
This area is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is one of the fastest growing areas of the city. Recently, many construction companies have switched to it to build the most luxurious and prestigious real estate and promising investment projects. Umraniye is characterized by a high population density. It houses the Istanbul International Financial Center. The Turkish government is constantly working on the development of its infrastructure.
Key tips for effective investments
When you are in the process of buying a property in Istanbul for investment, you need to familiarize yourself with all the relevant specifications so that your future property is suitable for obtaining a stable and high profit.
Here is the most important information you should know about it:
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