April 16, 2024

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“$19,000,000 goes a long way in Dallas, Texas! Get lost (literally) with me inside this 20,000 Square Foot Texas mansion with 7 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms with the biggest showers I have ever seen. Right in the middle of the most exclusive neighborhood in Dallas, Old Preston Hollow, this palacial mansion has the CRAZIEST GARAGE I have ever seen full of exotic cars! I may or may not have “borrowed” a cherry red Porsche for the video, but you will have to watch and see!”
Excuse me, Mr. Serhant (who grew up outside of Houston). Glad you finally came to the party!
We could have told you this a year ago. In fact, we did tell you, on September 24, 2021, when our eagle-eyed Karen Eubank found 9727 Audubon Place because home staging expert George Bass had a party there just for the haute agents in town. Of course, we were there. We sat right on that pink sofa off the lit-from-beneath Blue Agate bar with the huge fish tank.
And, if you had asked us, Mr. Serhant, because we know Dallas real estate better than anyone — with the exception of the late Ebby Halliday, Allie Beth Allman, Virginia Cook, Jennie Ling, Dave Perry-Miller, and a few others — we could have told you that the house used to have an aquarium in the primary bathroom. But the owner/builder pulled it out, which is why that bathroom is so spacious. He moved the tank to the bar.
There is also a full catering kitchen located in a former garage stall: genius. It’s perfect for smoking meats or deep frying turkeys without smelling up the house. That is one of four kitchens in this house. Did you see it?
I called Ebby Halliday listing agent Karen Keegan, who has had some serious offers on this home, and asked her how she got Ryan to Dallas.
“Oh he found me, ” she said. “They reached out to me and you know, at first, I was a little suspicious.”
(That’s how I felt, too, when CNN reached out to me: is this REALLY CNN?)
Karen says that when you have a $19 million listing all kinds of folks reach out asking to use the home for photography, or “other purposes.” Agents have to be selective, and she was.
It appears Ryan was in town for a conference north of town and decided to take a gander at Dallas homes while he was in the ‘hood, so to speak. He and his crew were gracious and actually spent an extra hour in the home, which meant they changed their return flights.
Basically, says Karen, they were in Dallas just for the day.
“It certainly has made our page views go wild,” says Karen. “We are seeing under 39K on Zillow, Ebby has 2.3K on YouTube, and Ryan’s site has 54K.”
Here is what I think happened: Ryan saw the post on CandysDirt.com and fell in love. Where else would he have learned about Preston Hollow? Did he really call it “the honeypot?’
We hope to see more of him in North Texas!
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