July 14, 2024

By Shania Obrien For Daily Mail Australia


A construction company owner has wowed with what has been dubbed a ‘genius’ home renovation feature that speeds up the weekly supermarket shop.
Stephanie Dailey, from Utah, is a licensed custom home builder and recently unveiled a ‘Costco door’ that connects her garage directly to the pantry for convenient grocery unpacking,
‘Everyone loves the Costco door,’ she said in a video. ‘It’s a must have!’
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The home builder recently unveiled a ‘Costco door’ that connects a garage to the pantry – which then makes unloading groceries extremely convenient 
Stephanie Dailey (pictured), from Utah, is a licensed custom home builder who regularly shares photos and videos of her projects online
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The feature can technically be installed anywhere, but is the most helpful if the garage and kitchen share a wall.
The small door also has a lock on it to ensure the homeowner’s safety if they accidentally leave their garage door open.
‘This is absolutely genius,’ said one woman. 
She added, ‘I won’t have to lug my groceries all around my house anymore.’
‘There’s nothing I hate more than carrying heavy bags up stairs,’ said another. ‘This would be great for my back pain.’
A female construction company owner, Stephanie Dailey, has gone viral for what has been dubbed a ‘genius’ home renovation feature
But others have discovered an unexpected benefit of grocery door.
‘Perfect for a quick escape in case of intruders,’ said one man.
‘It could lead to a safe room as well if it’s positioned correctly,’ added another.
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