February 7, 2023

Five home and the Texas Theater will be part of the Hachie Home Tour this year. Facebook photo/Hachie Home Tour

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Every home has a story, and next week some of Waxahachie’s most interesting custom homes, and a historic theater, will have their stories told during a two-day tour.
The second annual Hachie Home Tour will take place from noon to 5 p.m. Oct. 1-2 at various locations throughout Waxahachie.
Lacey Rodgers, who began the tour last year, said the event helps highlight the work of those involved in renovating and restoring some notable custom homes while telling interesting stories about new and old structures in Waxahachie.
“I work with a lot of custom homebuilders and architects, and I wanted to create a platform to have a parade of houses to show off their hard work,” Rodgers said. “It could be restoring historic homes, but it’s more than just historic. It’s everything going on in Waxahachie, new and old.”
Rodgers, who is owner and designer at Living Right Designs, said there will be six stops on the tour this year – five homes and the Texas Theater.
Of the five homes on the tour two are historic. One was built in 1889 and the other in 1904. Both of them are being renovated with the historic charm in mind, Rodgers said.
Rodgers said those who participate in the tour will be interested to see how these homes are being renovated, including the one at 808 Main Street.
“A lot of people want to come in and see what they’re doing there,” Rodgers said. “People have been watching this project.”  
Rodgers said the homes that are being restored now will likely be featured on the tour next year to show its completion.
“A lot of people don’t know what goes on when you’re restoring a historic house,” Rodgers said.
Rodgers said each house will have a unique story.
“The house on Oldham Avenue looks old but is a new rebuild,” Rodgers said. “It’ll give people inspiration into decorating and how to keep the charm in a newer house.”
Also on the tour is a house that was destroyed in a fire a couple of years ago but was recently rebuilt by Country Villa Custom Homes.
There will also be homes that were on the tour last year and were being renovated but are now complete.
The Texas Theater is also going through a restoration project, led by local residents Jon and Alyssa Garrett. Once complete it’s expected to once again be a regional draw for movies, plays, concerts and comedy shows.
The tour will highlight the history of the building, which was built in the late 1890s, as well as show the renovation progress.
“This gives people a behind the scenes look at what they’re doing,” Rodgers said.
Rodgers said each house on the tour is sponsored by a builder, a designer, an architect, a title company, etc.
“Someone who helped make the house what it is,” Rodgers said. “So there are six opportunities for the business to get their name out.”
Also each stop on the tour will have food and drink vendors, all from Waxahachie or Ellis County.
Rodgers said the tour is a come-and-go event.
“Some people spread it out over two days,” Rodgers said. “Some people take their time and spend two hours at one house. And that’s totally fine. That’s why we made it a two-day event.”
Cost for the event is $5 per stop, or guests can purchase a wristband for $25 to get them into all five houses and the Texas Theater. Food and drinks cost extra.
Last year’s tour drew 800 visitors, and Rodgers hopes to surpass that this year. Money raised from the tour will go toward fixing up the facility at The Anchor Home, a local Christ-centered ministry providing transitional housing and life skill training to mature women in crisis.
For more information visit Hachie Home Tour on Facebook or email hachiehometour@gmail.com.

Hachie Home Tour
Below is a list of the stops on the Hachie Home Tour, as well as the food and drink vendors that will be at each one.
10 Jacey Court
Oct. 1-2
Champions Concessions
204 Oldham Street
Oct. 1-2
Shiny Knife Sandwich Shop
514 W. Marvin
Oct. 1-2
Green Arrow Coffee 
217 Denali Way
Oct. 1-2
Good Directions BBQ
808 W. Main
Oct. 1
Porch Swing Iced Tea
808 W. Main
Oct. 2
Union 28 – Pizza 
Texas Theater 
110 W. Main
Oct. 2
Porch Swing Iced Tea

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