February 6, 2023

From Boise up to Northern Idaho, there are a surprising amount of castle homes in the Gem State.
If you live in or around Boise, there are at least two in our area that you’re familiar with. Perhaps one of the most infamous is the one located just outside of the Warm Springs Historic District. The home itself isn’t historic. Construction on it actually started in 2009. Some people think it’s an eyesore. Others are fascinated by the rumor mill that surrounds it. The rumor that just about everyone has heard is that the original owner/builder built the castle as a way to get revenge on a neighbor or ex. How true is that rumor? We dug into it when we put together a list of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Massive Boise Castle. 
The other local castle is in Kuna. Known as Castle Gardens, it’s an incredibly popular wedding event venue. While there are certainly rooms inside the almost 4700 square foot castle that feel very regal, most of the interior feels like a modern family home. It makes sense, because it was built in 2006. 
There’s also a handful of castle homes in Northern Idaho, which makes sense because there is a company located in Sandpoint called “CastleMagic” that specializes in building these modern day fairytales. They were directly involved in creating Von Frandsen Castle, an incredibly authentic castle home on the market in Sagle, ID for a jaw dropping $7,000,000. According to an article from the Bonner County Daily Bee, it’s been a labor of love for owner Kris Frandsen and CastleMagic for the past 18 years. 
Unlike the two Boise area castles, this one isn’t quite finished yet but Von Frandsen has decided to sell it now that his kids have grown up and moved out of state. Many of the rooms are a blank slate that the new owners can morph into their own vision. Want to take a look around? Let’s do it! 


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