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| Sep 27, 2022
In sessions that took place on Sept. 20, 21 and 27, WMRE’s third virtual forum of 2022 laid out how real estate investment strategies are being shaped by the current market, the Fed’s aggressive rate raising strategies and the potential for a recession later this year or in early 2023.
All five sessions from the forum, entitled WMRE’s Guide to Investing in CRE: Third Quarter Review, are available for on-demand viewing by clinking on the links below each session description. The forum was the fourth of five virtual forum events that WMRE has hosted in 2022.
Appfolio Investment Management was the platinum sponsor for the forum. Clarion Partners was the silver sponsor.
Other sponsors included Ashcroft Capital, Cityvest, First National Realty Properties and Redwood Living, Inc.
Multifamily Apartment Private Placements – Rising Rates, Inflation and Outlook
As the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, that changes the environment for apartment investors. But so far, rising rates have not led to a drop in demand for affordable apartments. Factors such as rising rents and low inventory are offsetting the interest rate risk and keeping property prices at lofty levels.
Travis Watts, director of investor relations with Ashcroft Capital, discussed the current economic environment for multifamily apartments and how you can benefit from real estate private placements during 2022.
Recording available here.
Due Diligence and Investing in Real Estate Private Equity Funds
The best real estate investment managers attract significant institutional capital and make investments out of passive blind pool real estate private equity funds. Institutional fund managers generally achieve high returns and are a safe choice due to their experience, use of auditors and administrators and specialized geographic / sector knowledge. They also deploy opportunistic capital and diversify.
CityVest’s founder and CEO Alan Donenfeld took a detailed look at the advantages of real estate private equity funds and the kind of due diligence that must be done in order to make an investment in a private equity fund.
Recording available here.
Why Grocery-Anchored CRE Belongs in Every Investor’s Portfolio
When it comes to consistent cash flow and value-add potential, grocery anchors are among the best tenants in commercial real estate. The anchor tenants of a commercial real estate property are one of the most important factors of an investment opportunity. Strong anchor tenants come with a number of benefits, like lower credit risk, higher foot traffic, and the ability to attract other tenants to the property.
First National Realty Partners Managing Director Drew Carpenter took an in-depth look at why investors interested in real estate should consider grocery-anchored properties for their portfolios.
Recording available here.
Why We Continue to Invest in BTR
In the past few years, the term “build-to-rent” (BTR) has become an increasingly popular segment of the real estate investment industry. However, there are still relatively few BTR properties when looking at the housing market in general.
In June 2021, Hunter Housing Economics stated that of the homes built in the U.S., just 6 percent were classified as BTR. In the next two years, the real estate consulting firm expects the number of BTR homes built each year to double. In the meantime, the current housing shortage is causing the demand for rental housing to continue to increase. For BTR companies, there is ample opportunity to fill this gap in the housing market and, in the case of Redwood, they have had their sights set on expanding throughout suburban America for quite some time.
Redwood CFO Toney Morton and President Jill Silloway provided an update on the outlook for BTR properties and what investing in that sector looks like.
Recording available here:
Appearing Professional to Investors – Best Practices
Investors are vital to your real estate investment manager success, making it necessary to foster lasting relationships with them. It’s essential to know how to impress investors by maintaining a professional appearance at all times, but investor expectations are changing quickly.
Mike Sebastian, industry, principal at AppFolio, discussed best practices for real estate investment managers on how to impress, attract and retain investors.
Recording available here:
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