April 20, 2024

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As if owning a camper van wasn’t cool enough, imagine having one with a stargazing tent or a jump seat layout. Phoenix-based Tommy Camper Vans is among the few shops offering truly unique, even one-of-a-kind elements for its camper vans.
One of the first steps in the camper van-design process is determining your van’s layout, and Tommy Camper Vans offers four options: Bennett (the most popular layout), Maddox (which has an interior shower), the jump seat (perfect for families) and the convertible dinette (which can be used as a desk and is ideal for those working remotely). Once the layout is decided, the fun begins–and that means the possibility of adding one-of-a-kind, super unique or luxurious elements to your camper van.
For visual interest, Tommy Camper Vans can include mosaic ceilings in its projects–basically, a gorgeous art piece to greet van owners every time they enter. “We are the only van builder in Arizona doing this,” says Mikey Rudman, owner of Tommy Camper Vans. By the way, Rudman also owns Go Green Body & Paint in Phoenix, ensuring each paint job is custom and to the customer’s exact needs and wants.
Some of the most unique camper van elements have more to do with function. “What is really cool with some serious value is that we are the only van builder to seat four and sleep four,” says Rudman. “We have a jump seat layout so you can bring the family or friends.” Plus, Tommy Camper Vans is the sole builder locally to have a interior shower. Knowing that Fido and Fluffy are an important part of the family, the team has provided cat doors and bunks as well as room to house 100-lb. dogs.
And file this under “just plain cool”: one of Tommy Camper Vans’ most unique elements are its roof top and stargazing tents (as seen at top of page). That’s right–customers can snuggle up with family and friends on the van roof in total comfort and privacy while getting an eyeful of the twinkling night sky.
To learn more about Tommy Camper Vans and its most unique camper van elements, visit www.tommycampervans.com.

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