May 18, 2024

A WOMAN was left baffled when she returned from a business trip as builders finished renovating her bathroom.
The woman presumed she'd be fine to leave them to get on with the work for a few days while she was away, but they made on huge mistake.
In a clip shared on TikTok, Ashlin Hadden explained that she hired a contractor to give her bathroom a bit of an update.
Everything was going to plan, until she returned to a finished bathroom but a missing cat.
She said: "They pulled out the bathtub and put in the new shower, and as I'm sitting here trying to figure out where my cat is I can hear the cat crying from somewhere in here."
It soon became clear that the cat had somehow gotten trapped inside the wall without the builder noticing.
"So I end up punching a hole in the wall, and out comes this," Ashlin says, showing off her seemingly unbothered pet.
She continued: "The stupid contractor drywalled my cat into the drywall underneath the bathtub, the story of my life."

Despite being tapped in the space for three whole days, Ashlin's cat, Stripes, was fine after a trip to the vet, but some viewers thought it was the pet owner's fault they were trapped in the first place.
One person jabbed: "Everyone agrees it's your fault, not the contractor."
A second said: "You owe the contractor and your cat an apology."
Another agreed: "Did you pay him to drywall and cat sit? Or just drywall?
But Ashlin defended herself, insisting that she wasn't told they'd be cutting a hole and that she did make sure the cats were shut in a separate room before she left.
She told viewers: "The contractor knew there was a cat in the house, the door was shut to the area they were working in."
But it turns out the builder left the door open, and the cat wondered in, making for a very confusing return home for Ashlin.
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