September 26, 2023

A SIDE hustle expert has shared an extremely simple way to score some extra cash that only requires a notebook, a pen and your phone.
The hustle is called being a bird dog, and it’s super straight forward. 
A bird dog is someone who tries to locate properties for real estate investors.
Bryan Tate is the hustler who shared this bird dog job with his more than 102,000 TikTok followers.
Bryan goes by ​​makemoneywithbryan on TikTok and is known for sharing tons of creative ways to make extra cash.
He posted a TikTok revealing how easy it is to make thousands of dollars in the real estate industry.
This bird dog hustle takes no money to get started and can be done in a few simple steps.
To get started, grab yourself a notebook, a pen and your phone.
Next, Bryan said to be on the lookout for homes and properties that seem in distress.
This means looking for properties with chipped paint, high grass or any other parts of the home that may need repair.
Bryan said to pull over, grab your notebook, write down the address and take a picture on your phone.
Once you have a list of properties, you'll give it to a real estate investor who will then try and purchase them.
For every property the investor buys, you will get paid anywhere from $500 to $1,000 as you both will have to agree on a price.
Just note that bird dogs typically will only get paid if the property sells.
Finding an investor may be easier than you might think.
Real estate investors are often too busy doing higher level activities to spend a couple of hours driving around to find potential properties.
This is why they will happily pay you to do their leg work.
Bryan said in the comments that a great source for locating investors is by heading to local real estate meetups.
Additionally, there are a ton of real estate Facebook groups where you can connect with them, and discuss pricing, and your potential working relationship.
Bryan said it's imperative to set up a contract to protect yourself.
You can even do a quick Google search to see how others have done it.
Putting too much extra work into another job could be exhausting and time-consuming if you already have a full-time gig.
If you're looking for a side hustle involving low effort, a great way to score extra cash can be with user testing and surveys.
Both of those side jobs take minimal effort for a decent amount of cash.
Site testers can earn up to $60 per test and applies to web and mobile platforms.
A great platform to get started on is UserTesting.
All you do is visit a website, complete tasks set by the site owner, give your feedback and then get your money.
Another site that will pay you to test websites and apps is called Userlytics.
Userlytics is a research platform with over 1.5million users that offer insights to improve customer and user experience.
Testers can do it from their phone, tablet, or computer.
Many testers like the platform because in addition to getting paid, they tend to get behind-the-scenes information on popular brands.
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