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CINCINNATI, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NetLeaseX Capital (“NetLeaseX”), a Cincinnati-based investment banking firm, is pleased to announce the launching of a preferred equity platform to help real estate investors and developers (the “Sponsors”) raise preferred equity so that they can close more deals and earn more fees.
Unlike crowdfunding websites, NetLeaseX does not market its structured investments to multiple investors.  Rather, as discussed in NetLeaseX’s white paper, NetLeaseX works with Sponsors to source joint venture capital by structuring investment relationships with NetLeaseX’s “below the radar” high net worth investors and family offices.
By utilizing capital from NetLeaseX’s private investors, Sponsors are assured of:
Speed and certainty of execution
Discretionary underwriting authority
No syndication risk
Working with experienced investors who invest their own capital and who have longer investment horizons than fund managers and retail investors
Although NetLeaseX works with institutional investors and developers, NetLeaseX’s investors also invest with non-institutional (and even first-time sponsors) who have industry experience but need capital.
Preferred equity is probably the least understood layer of commercial real estate financing and the most difficult to raise in a property’s capital stack,” said Ron Zimmerman, founder and CEO of NetLeaseX Capital.  “NetLeaseX’s preferred equity platform enables real estate investors and developers to showcase their projects to an ever-increasing number of high net worth and family office investors.  This is especially important in today’s market where increasing interest rates make maturing CMBS and other senior loans difficult to refinance.  Sponsors need to raise additional capital in order to extend their loans at the lower interest rates on their current loans, failing which they risk default on their loans and lose their properties.
Mr. Zimmerman continues, “NetLeaseX investors not only infuse new equity into properties, but they also provide valuable guidance and experience to Sponsors.  NetLeaseX’s investors also invest in ground-up development projects, provide bridge equity to help Sponsors navigate the entitlement and pre-development process, and provide capital to Sponsors to help their current LP investors monetize all or part of their investments.”
NetLeaseX works with Sponsors directly and with loan brokers and other intermediaries.  NetLeaseX continues to scale its preferred equity platform and is available to answer any questions regarding NetLeaseX’s white paper and/or to discuss a Sponsor’s situation and/or financial requirements.
About NetLeaseX Capital
NetLeaseX Capital LLC is an investment banking firm specializing in raising investment capital for real estate investors and developers.  Led by Ron Zimmerman, who has more than 35 years of industry experience, NetLeaseX has significant experience in raising investment capital for real estate investors and developers, structuring real estate financial transactions and tiered financings of acquisitions, leveraged recapitalizations, financial restructurings and workout of commercial and consumer loans.
NetLeaseX Capital LLC
Ron Zimmerman
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