June 13, 2024

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LARIMER and WELD counties — Two Washington state firms sued a construction firm and a person who guaranteed $3.65 million in loans for it alleging misuse of some funds and default on the debt.
The plaintiffs are Construction Loan Services II LLC and Builders Capital Finance LLC. The first company is a loan servicer in Puyallup, Washington, the lawsuit said. The business and location of the second company isn’t given in lawsuit documents but its website said it’s a private lender for several kinds of loans, and it shares an address with the servicer.
The defendants are J.C.H. Davis Contractors Inc. and Jeffrey E. Lagaly, the latter an individual. Both are said in the lawsuit to live in and/or do business in Fort Collins. J.C.H. Davis is the borrower and Lagaly the guarantor of the loans.
The lawsuit said the lender made two loans — of $1.965 million and $1.685 million, respectively — to J.C.H. Davis to build on seven lots in Hidden Valley Farm in Severance. It said the loans are in default and alleges J.C.H. Davis misused some of the money.
The lawsuit asks plaintiffs to be awarded the money owed, interest and costs for collecting on the debt.
Companies affiliated with defendant J.C.H. Davis have addresses in Larimer and Weld counties. The lawsuit was filed in Weld County District Court because the loans connect with properties in Severance.
J.C.H. Davis’ secretary of state filings give a Loveland residence as its principal office, including in an April filing. A principal person for the company in the filings, city contractor licenses and a LinkedIn listing is Jacob “Jake” Davis.
Addresses for the company include Loveland, Fort Collins and Severance. Companies Davis is or has been affiliated with include J.C.H. Davis, Harmony Home Builders and GJ Gardner Homes-Fort Collins.
Harmony is a trade name of J.C.H. Davis. GJ Gardner is a San Antonio, Texas-based franchisor of a semi-custom home building brand. Its website lists locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Westminster and on McWhinney Boulevard in Loveland, but none in Fort Collins. Jake Davis’s LinkedIn account lists him as owner of the former Fort Collins franchise; Jeff Lagaly’s lists him as a co-owner and director.
Attempts to contact Davis and Lagaly were unsuccessful.
Plaintiffs’ attorneys are Stephen Shapiro and Duncan Barber of Denver law firm Otteson Shapiro LLP. Shapiro responded to a request for a comment via email: “We don’t have client authority to speak with the media.”
The Weld County District Court case is Construction Loan Services II LLC and Builders Capital Finance LLC v. J.C.H. Davis Contractors Inc. and Jeffrey E. Lagaly, an individual, is 2021CV30644.
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