April 12, 2024

Theale, UK – 3 October, 2022: Prime Matter and Ravenscourt are releasing five PC demos as part of the Steam Next Fest (SNF). The event, running across the Steam platform from 3 – 10 October, kicks off at 16:00 BST and will see numerous game demos, developer livestreams and chat across a range of titles.
Additionally, two new trailers are going live, the first a gameplay trailer for Floodland, giving players a birds eye view of the mechanics, pace and interface of this amazing new survival city builder; and a new announcement trailer showcasing Kona II: Brume’s immersive narrative-adventure.
Tapping into this global event will be a number of titles from the Prime Matter and Ravenscourt stable, covering genres from city builder to action adventure. These are:
Floodland: A society survival game set in a world destroyed by climate change. Explore, scavenge and build a city to unite the clans. Conflicting cultures and limited resources mean you need to make tough choices. The demo will take players from their first steps in founding a settlement through to when your township takes its first steps in exploring the surrounding islands. A brand new gameplay trailer to accompany the SNF demo is also being released today.
You can check it out on YouTube https://youtu.be/LgqZZs-VSJA
Kona II: Brume: An upcoming single-player first-person narrative-adventure game – and sequel to the celebrated Kona (both developed by Parabole) will immerse players directly into Detective Carl Faubert’s investigation. The demo starts at the very beginning of the game as the detective explores his surroundings in order to find out more about a strange phenomenon called the Brume.
To celebrate the demo Parabole and Ravenscourt are happy to share a new trailer: https://youtu.be/VL8pJBb4bv0
Scars Above: A challenging sci-fi third-person action adventure shooter combining the rewarding feeling of overcoming difficulty with a compelling and intricate story, set in a mysterious alien world. The trial version takes players from the start of the game through to the first boss fight, allowing you to experience the environment, combat and mystery of this immersive new game.
Mato Anomalies: Playing the role of Detective Doe, players need to fight their way across Mato – a neo-futuristic megalopolis in the orient – investigating strange happenings across the city and uncovering secrets along the way, eventually meeting a great cast of friends. The demo allows upcoming detectives get the chance to play the prologue and get familiar with the unique visual novel art style as well as some nerve wrecking combat situations.
ProtoCorgi: Get ready to Bark’em Up! Play as Bullet, a C³ class (Cute Cybernetic Corgi) pup on his quest to save his owner, a brilliant scientist kidnapped by an alien race that wants to rule the galaxy. ProtoCorgi is a retro pixel art shoot’em up with a strong arcade feel. Get blasting with the action packed demo that consists of two parts, the main game as well as a sneak peek at the level editor. In the main game is a mash-up of different areas players encounter showcasing the environments as well as different enemy types. Limited access to the level editor ProtoCorgi Maker, gives players the opportunity to build their own levels and share their level creations online with other players through a code.
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Steam Next Fest: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/nextfest
Prime Matter Assets: https://press.primematter.gg/
Ravenscourt Assets: https://press.ravenscourt.games/
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