November 28, 2023

Sapphire 7 After a woman won the top prize in Sapphire 7’s, she plans to invest in real estate.
SALISBURY, N.C. — A Rowan County woman is going to live out a lifelong dream of investing in real estate after winning the lottery.
Paola Guerrero-Alonso plans to invest in real estate after winning $200,000 from a simple $5 Sapphire 7′s ticket. Officials said she bought the ticket at the Speedway on South Main Street in Salisbury, N.C.
She has big plans for the future.
“We’ve wanted to buy some for a long time,” Guerrero-Alonso said. “Maybe remodel a house and rent it out.”
The Salisbury resident felt shocked when she realized she hit the top prize in the game. After the required state and federal tax withholdings, Guerrero-Alonso took home $142,021 from the North Carolina Lottery.
“We couldn’t believe it when we saw the ticket,” Guerrero-Alonso said. “We’re still not sure it’s real.”
The new Sapphire 7s debuted in Dec. and since Guerrero-Alonso won the top prize, officials say the lottery will being the process of ending the game.
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