July 18, 2024

Sundae, the online marketplace that connects homeowners selling as-is to tens of thousands of property investors, today announced Purchase Direct, a new buying capability that allows property investors to move quicker and buy properties at a set price.
Purchase Direct gives property investors a way to acquire investment properties with more certainty because the price the investors see is the price the seller has set.
“Before starting Sundae, I spent many years as a property investor and know the frustrations that come with finding and winning a property. Our goal was to create options on our marketplace that benefit both our investors and sellers equally, taking away the guesswork and stress that comes with both searching for and selling a property. Purchase Direct gives property investors a fast way to acquire properties while our sellers stay in control of the price that’s set. It’s really a win-win,” said Josh Stech, CEO and co-founder of Sundae.
In 2022, property investors face challenges to find and acquire properties at a fair price like never before. Property seller behavior is more unpredictable as market conditions and borrowing terms change around them, with many seeking a faster bargaining and transaction process, and others changing their expectations as they explore the market conditions.
The 122% increase (YoY)* in internet searches for “sell my house fast” presented a huge need—and opportunity—in the market today. The competitive offer process in Sundae’s marketplace has been an important bargaining vehicle that allows both parties to discover the best price. Now, Purchase Direct gives property investors another option to buy and solidifies Sundae’s dedication to creating the best end-to-end investment property buying experience while helping its sellers.
Investors who use Purchase Direct will have these advantages:
● More certainty: Opportunities are listed with a fixed price set by the seller, eliminating the guesswork.
● Less competition: If they are first to click, they go into the deal with Purchase Direct, no other investors are involved.
● Save time: Move directly into a Purchase Sale Agreement.
Using local data intelligence, Sundae will consult with the property owner to set a sell-now price. The property listing will have all of Sundae’s detailed property information — including, in most cases, a 3D home tour and licensed inspection report. Property investors will have the ability to commit immediately to purchasing the property at this advertised sell-now price.

Getting Started
To get started, property investors can sign up for Sundae’s marketplace and start browsing Purchase Direct listings today.
About Sundae
Sundae’s mission is to help homeowners get the best possible outcome when it’s time to sell a house as-is. We connect homeowners looking to sell their house, no matter its condition, to one of the largest networks of investors to ensure they can get the highest possible offer. Traditionally, as-is home sellers don’t have the time or resources to invest in repairs and cleaning to get the home market-ready for a real estate agent to show the property. Sundae offers a hassle-free alternative to the traditional real estate agent sales process and a worry-free alternative to predatory "cash-buyer" wholesalers. Property investors look to Sundae as a reliable, transparent, and trusted partner when expanding their portfolios by offering them a go-to source of homes to purchase. Sundae is headquartered out of El Segundo and offers its services in 16 markets across the country. Sundae, Inc. is a licensed Real Estate Broker offering real estate services directly and through its licensed affiliates including Sundae Funding, Inc. DBA Sundae Homes and Sundae, in the following States: California DRE #02088298, Marc Geredes DRE #954840; Colorado EC.100085673, Polly Watts ER.100046864; Florida CQ1062815, Kevin Kao BK3468212; Georgia H-78397, Kevin Kao 344524; Nevada (#B.0000528.CORP); Washington #21021818; Tennessee #264668, and licensed in Texas #264668, Scott Hale, Designated Broker. Our real estate licenses and other regulatory information are available http://sundae.com/disclosureshere. Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services can be located at sundae.com/disclosures/texas. 1-800-214-4426
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