October 2, 2023

The Wandering Village, the new city-builder from Stray Fawn Studio has clearly become something of a hit and for good reason. Announced in a Steam post, the developer mentioned how “The Wandering Village has sold 50’000 copies in the first two days” and it also has a Very Positive user rating now too.
It has already become one of my absolute favourites of 2022. There’s so much to love about it even in this early stage from the unique setting to just watching your people run around doing errands, it looks wonderful in motion. Dealing with poison has been interesting, since it’s also a bit of a survival game. Sometimes you go through areas of the world that are poisoned causing your plants and trees to get infected, and it can spread pretty quickly.

Here’s what they mentioned from their roadmap to expect in future updates:
My Onbu took a break in a rather nice looking spot:

I also love that this zoom-out mode still shows your villagers running around doing stuff.
Very keen to see how they keep expanding this one, going to be playing a lot of it.
You can buy it on Steam.


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