March 1, 2024

Ready for a different kind of city builder? The Wandering Village is coming into Early Access on September 14th. Developed by Stray Fawn Studio the same team that made Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor, Retimed and Niche – a genetics survival game.
What makes it unique? You’re building on the back of a massive wandering creature. It combines together city building with resource management, plus there’s some rogue-like and survival elements too. You need to forge some sort of bond with this creature too, you’re freeloading on its back after all. From farming crops and gathering rare resources, to scouting the environment and expanding their settlement, you must maintain the creature’s health while balancing the needs of your villagers if you’re all to survive.
Game Features:
Stray Fawn Studio sent over a key, so I’ll be taking a look!
You can follow it on Steam.


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