June 4, 2023

UENI is disrupting the multibillion dollar website building industry in the same way the Dollar Shave Club disrupted the grooming industry 10 years ago.
NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2012 the Dollar Shave Club challenged the consumer packaged goods giants by offering razors for a fraction of the price. The company famously gained public adoration with the launch of the youtube video "Our Blades are F**king Great".
UENI has recently released its own version of the video in homage to "the legendary Mike Dubin" — founder of Dollar Shave Club and creator of the original viral video that achieved 4 million views in the first month in challenge to giants like Gillette and Procter & Gamble.
UENI's video lays out the case for the company, which offers a compelling alternative for how small business owners can get online. In short, UENI is disrupting the multibillion dollar website building industry by getting small businesses a website and presence on Google for a single fee of $149. This is a more or less unheard of done-for-you solution at scale.
UENI Founder Christine Telyan, who features in the video, says, "At our price point, the most common question we get is, are your websites any good? We launched this video to answer that question clearly: our websites are f**king great. Although we had fun making this video, the question, and our answer, are entirely serious.
"People assume low price means low quality, but our innovation is the process that we have developed that delivers the best value for money on the market."

UENI has successfully launched nearly 650,000 small business websites since its start in 2014. The company uniquely combines their own technology platform with human operations and knowledge of over 1000 business categories to launch each small business website in 7 days. The company promises "happiness, or your money back".
UENI is putting a spotlight on the do-it-yourself website building platforms that provide tech but leave the small business owner to come up with the copywriting, design choices, and SEO and to put it all together to get the site launched. Only an estimated 10-20% of customers that begin on a DIY website builder successfully launch a website. This is in stark contrast to UENI, where each business is guaranteed to get online. "Small business customers need assistance at each step of the process," says Telyan, "and we offer this, which helps ensure their success. Our service is our product."
UENI is also disrupting the cottage industry of web development agencies that offer done-for-you websites but at a much higher price point, with a level of customization that might not be necessary for a small business owner, and without an easy way for the business to maintain the site post launch.
UENI's solution is simple: the business owner answers some questions about their business through an online questionnaire and then the UENI team builds the site and Google Business Profile within 7 days. The cost is $149 and this includes lifetime hosting, a 1-on-1 launch call over Zoom to approve the site and learn how to edit it, and the ability to connect one's own domain name. All of the content and design is prepared by UENI, and each website is complete with booking and ecommerce functionality so the customer can do business from day one. Customers can easily update any information on their site right from their phones.
Telyan adds, "Our mission is to give all small businesses the opportunity to compete online with bigger brands with bigger budgets." UENI customers have the option, but not the obligation, to upgrade to a plan membership that gives the access to ongoing marketing support, including on-demand access to UENI's team of experts, monthly working sessions, and advanced third-party website integrations. Plans range from $37$59 per month with discounts available on an annual basis.
For f**king great websites and more, go to https://ueni.com.
For interviews and other media requests please contact Christine Telyan, press@ueni.com

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