June 17, 2024

Pricing Innovation helps institutional investors navigate the increasing cost-of-capital to drive portfolio-wide investment performance
NEW YORK–()–F9Analytics® yieldTerminal technology delivers the first yield management technology to the commercial property markets. Yield Management provides sophisticated commercial property investors the capability to strategically maximize and benchmark portfolio-wide leasing initiatives to satisfy both market demand and their own yield objective.
According to John J. Cona, Chief Executive Officer, “The technology is consequential in that no matter what sector of commercial property you invest or manage, be it industrial, office, or retail, you can now strategically increase investment performance via portfolio-wide pricing that maximizes cash flow from operations. It is yield management that provides the fundamentally glue between acquisition investment pricing (such as Altus Group’s Argus) and ongoing operational pricing (in yieldTerminal) that form the investment technology linchpin that drives investment performance from inception through the investment horizon.”
F9Analytics® yield management technology provides investors a significant competitive advantage by providing variable pricing strategies based on understanding, anticipating, and influencing occupier/tenant economic behavior; providing adaptive financial terms on-demand to maximize operating performance.
F9Analytics “yield management” solution is unique in that it is a “dynamic DCF” pricing valuation software. With “dynamic DCF,” pricing variables are not fixed but variable and therefore dynamic. Mathematical Algorithms (not AI) determine high-precision accretive pricing structures instantaneously.
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yieldTerminal is available to corporate clients via our partnership with Microsoft through the Azure Marketplace: Microsoft Azure Marketplace
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F9Analytics (@F9Analytics) builds financial innovation into the commercial property markets. By focusing on the complex, we provide investors access to meaningful solutions that drive efficiency and maximize profits.
John J. Cona
Chief Executive Officer
+1 (213) 444-1678
John J. Cona
Chief Executive Officer
+1 (213) 444-1678


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