May 23, 2024

BOULDER, Colo. and MELBOURNE, Australia (PRWEB)
Arcitecta, a creative and innovative data management software company, today announced that its CEO and founder, Jason Lohrey was honored by the Pearcey Foundation with its prestigious 2022 Pearcey Victorian Entrepreneur Award. The award was presented at an event in Melbourne, Australia.
Inspired by the arts and the unencumbered freedom of imagination and creativity they stir, Lohrey turned the concept of a data platform that could underpin the impending “data age” into a thriving data management software company. Founded in 1998, Arcitecta has become a global technology enterprise with a reputation for solving data management problems that others cannot. It’s unique approach to data management empowers all sizes of organizations and global enterprises to simplify their data-intensive workflows and accelerate time to insight from their data to improve business and research outcomes.
“Arcitecta’s original thesis is still relevant today: to harness the power of data to allow us to collaborate, see patterns and to make discoveries. All the buzz about artificial intelligence and machine learning are predicated on one thing: having data and being able to use it effectively,” said Lohrey. “I’m humbled by the Pearcey Foundation recognition, appreciative of Arcitecta’s extraordinarily talented team, and gratified to lead a successful business that remains focused on a triple bottom line – people, planet and profits.”
This honor follows the recognition of Arcitecta’s flagship product, Mediaflux, earlier this year as the “Most Complete Solution” and “Best Software Architecture” by the International Data Mover Challenge at Supercomputing Asia 2022. Mediaflux is an all-in-one data asset management system with high-performance data movement capabilities and a global file system to accelerate business outcomes and value. It leverages the power of metadata to provide a complete view of an organizations' disparate data and ensures that it is being captured and relayed – accurately and at the right time.
“Jason epitomizes the purpose of the Pearcey Foundation, to promote and recognize Australian technologists who lead the world with their innovations, attract the respect and admiration of their teams, and contribute selflessly to improving our community for a better future for all,” said Jordan Green, Chair – Victorian Committee, Pearcey Foundation. “The technology Jason makes available through his company Arcitecta comprises unique and uniquely valuable innovations that launch software capabilities in whole new directions.”
The Pearcey Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 1998 to raise the profile of the Australian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and profession. It was created in the memory of one of the greatest pioneers of the Australian ICT industry, Dr Trevor Pearcey. The Pearcey Victorian Entrepreneur Award is presented to an outstanding individual who has "taken a risk, made a difference and is an inspiration to others" in the Victorian ICT industry. The peer-nominated award process draws on nominations from the public and the Pearcey Foundation network. Selection is made in consultation with past award recipients to ensure the continued integrity and quality of the peer-based recognition.
About Arcitecta
Arcitecta is a creative and innovative data management software company. Founded in 1998, Arcitecta builds the world’s best data management platforms, enabling thousands of users worldwide in some of the most demanding data-driven environments. Arcitecta’s flagship Mediaflux platform began with the vision to provide organizations with extraordinary technology for handling all forms of data, from small to very large and complex. Today, it forms the foundation for managing the simplest and the most complex data for all sizes of organizations and global enterprises, empowering them to simplify data-intensive workflows and accelerate time to insight from their data to improve business and research outcomes.
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