May 19, 2024

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Some 25 years after genocide decimated Rwanda, almost two-thirds of the nation’s parliament is female, more than twice the global average. Despite this unprecedented level of empowerment, the question of how much power women really have under President Paul Kagame and his authoritarian government remains an open question.
Germany to Burn Almost 800 Million Unused Covid Masks
Qatar Stadium Builder Cimolai Seeks New Capital After Bad Forex Bet
Nestle CEO Worries Wage Demands Will Result in More Inflation
Hackers Target Eager Homebuyers With a Dumb Scam That Keeps Working
Polestar Warns Slow Recovery From Lockdown Dragged on Results
Facebook Is Warning 1 Million Users About Stolen Usernames, Passwords
Tesla Plans to Deliver Semis to Pepsi Five Years After Unveiling
Twitter Drifts Away From Musk’s Offer as Financing Concerns Loom
Poll Leader in Nigerian Presidential Race Pledges Forex Reforms
Sri Lanka Court Gives Go-Ahead for Case Against Former President
UK Home Prices Face Looming Plunge With Mortgage Rates Soaring
Billionaire Mukesh Ambani to Open Family Office in Singapore
Checking Into the Chelsea Hotel, Where Ghosts Are Welcome Guests
Here Are the 125 Best Cheap Places to Eat in New York and Westchester
Why Republicans Wound Up With Herschel Walker
The Price of Energy Security Requires More Than Just Spending
The Plant-Based Meat Movement Is Down But Not Out
Hackers Target Eager Homebuyers With a Dumb Scam That Keeps Working
Adidas Seeks New Boss to Bring Buzz to Brand and Bottom Line
The China Bubble Is Losing Air But Won’t Burst
Iran Says Embassy in Denmark Target of Knife Attack Amid Protests at Home
Biden Student Loan Relief Rollout Imperiled by Court Challenges
Polestar Warns Slow Recovery From Lockdown Dragged on Results
IMF to Offer Rwanda $310 Million Credit Under New Climate Tool
How Finland Put Traffic Crashes on Ice
NY Ban on Guns in Times Square, Other Public Places Is Ruled Unconstitutional
What Can the World Learn From 100 Resilient Cities?
India’s RBI Plans Phased Launch of Central Bank Digital Currency
This Week In Crypto: Regulations, Resignations and Kardashians
Crypto Fugitive Kwon Gets Boost as Terra Aide Avoids Detention


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