July 17, 2024

Shyam Narayan is an entrepreneur, social activist and the founder of Qrishn. Qrishn is a bootstrapped start-up that upskills people with rare disabilities by providing them online skill development training and helps them learn professional skills, increase the chances of their employability, and become financially self-dependent. The training programmes are structured in a very specific manner to serve people with disabilities. The programmes help PwD learn lots of soft skills and hard skills without having to face any type of inconvenience to their health. Qrishn is regularly teaming up with NGOs, societies, and individuals to reach out to people with disabilities around the world.
Being a patient of a rare and incurable genetic bleeding disorder known as Hemophilia-a, Shyam has always faced numerous troubles. He says rare disorders like hemophilia drastically affect the patient’s life in every manner. According to a survey conducted by a national agency, a significant population of people with disabilities don’t have any source of income. Less than 10 percent of the population of people with disabilities in the country are able to achieve fundamental education. The reasons are illiteracy, lack of infrastructure and even certain societal discrimination. And when it comes to rare and severe conditions like Hemophilia, Thalassemia and other incurable disorders, the livelihood is even worse.
A person with a disability is always dependent on others for a lot of things including basic needs like food. Shyam has been facing numerous problems caused by his disease and most of them can’t be solved. Shyam Narayan says that in the last few years, there have been incredible advancements in technology. Technology is now considered to be an integral part of human’s lives. It is being effectively helpful in medical science, education, governance, agriculture, industrial works, and the list goes on. It is fair to say that technology can be advantageously used to solve such complicated problems too. With this vision and will to solve issues like education and employment crises, Shyam came up with the idea of Qrishn.
The founder says that his start-up, Qrishn, is open to new ideas and provides encouragement and necessary support to build problem-solving innovations that could tackle complicated and overlooked problems. Qrishn is said to launch more such projects in the future. Entrepreneur Shyam Narayan is also mentioned in Business Outreach’s 30 under 30 innovative entrepreneurs list of 2022.
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