May 20, 2024

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – Braya Clouse is a senior doing what most seniors are doing right now., working on what’s next for their lives. Braya owns a clothing brand called ‘Unique In Him’. A faith based brand that encourages and uplifts those who wear it and those who read what’s being worn.
Back when Braya was in 8th grade, she started developing weird symptoms that quickly progressed to the loss of most her mobility. After lots of testing, and trial and error, the doctors told her that she’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. However, she didn’t take that as the final answer. Braya then I found someone who could help her and after tons of searching, she found out it was Lyme Disease.
“Starting my sophomore year come at the time I wasn’t in school and everyone else was in school. The pandemic hadn’t happened. I started to get sick and I started to lose most of my mobility, pretty quickly I had to quit all school sports and extracurriculars and any things along that sort. I even went to online school before everyone else did.” says Braya. She also said that she needed something to keep her busy so she started to create faith based paintings that she would sell on Facebook to family and friends.
Braya told us, “As I started to gain strength and mobility again, I wanted to do something more, something bigger. I always had a dream of doing a boutique or something of clothing but I wanted to transfer all the faith base and positivity based stuff onto something else other than the signs. I put the two ideas together and made “Unique In Him”. Going on to add, “I continue to be inspired by the people. I just keep getting constant support and people telling me how much the shirts inspire them and they bring them a smile to their faces and that’s truly what I want is to be able to inspire someone or bring a smile to their face and make them a little bit happier and give them a little bit of light in a dark world.”
Braya’s parents are entrepreneurs themselves and have been able to help, support and guide her in her journey to being a business woman. She has also been able to experience her own challenges in building her business.
When asked about the challenges that she faces, she said, “The most difficult thing I have experienced is definitely the fact that you have to be punctual, you have to continue to work even if you don’t want to, you have to continue to get product out there. The money that goes in is pretty tough at first and just not getting defeated.”
Braya encourages others to go out and start their own business and to not be afraid to follow their dreams saying, ”I would say to just do it, you only live once. But if you have a dream and ambition, just put all your effort towards it because who cares at the end of the day. If someone’s going to judge you, it’s not their life. It’s OK.”
She is currenting working on her website. If you are interested in purchasing some of Braya’s clothing, you can search “Unique In Him” on Facebook.
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