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This 27-Year-Old Entrepreneur Shares a Few Skills Which Can Help You Excel In the World Of Business – Entrepreneur

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Gaining a prominent position around the entrepreneurial sphere becomes effortless if you equip yourself with a few important skills
Every entrepreneur out there wants to excel in his respective area of work, however it’s not as easy as it seems as there is fierce competition in every field of work which is remotely related to entrepreneurship. So, how does one really grasp its workings and excel despite the challenges that the space brings in? By simply following certain rules and equipping oneself with a vast range of skills and attributes. Although many entrepreneurs out there already possess skills that help them scale newer heights in their journeys, a few are still needed to be implemented in order to make sure they gain a tight grip over the space.
Successful multipreneur Pranav Arora who heads JMTD Holdings, a private equity firm which offers capital and value-added partnerships to world-class, industry-leading companies as its CEO, along with leading other ventures like Just Funky, a private label merchandise, Stunned Mind, an e-commerce company, Deciph-AR and NFT Merch charts out a few skills which are needed to excel in the world of business.

Communication Skills
Having a good grip over communication skills is extremely important for an entrepreneur as it becomes difficult to build relationships in its absence, which is one of the biggest advantages of expanding your reach. You can equip yourself with this most important skill by reading, enrolling for communication skills courses and watching educational videos which delve into this subject well.

Leadership Skills
For any business owner having good leadership skills is essential in order to reach the top as managing an efficient team who contribute in their own way towards your businesses growth is half the job done.

Ability to step out of your comfort zone
Any entrepreneur’s growth is thwarted if he doesn’t step out of his comfort zone and reach out to areas which are alien. Without taking occasional risks, an entrepreneur is not bound to grow the way he should have. Capitalizing on every opportunity that comes along, even if it is out of your domain ensures a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Time Management
This skill helps you take on additional responsibilities and also manage time effectively. Prioritizing your workload and ensuring each task is completed to the best of your ability helps in pushing the business to the next level.

Financial Management
Every entrepreneur has to stress more on this important part as handling finances is the most crucial part of an entrepreneur’s journey as without grasping this part well the road to success could possibly be cut short midway.

Passion and Ambition
To grab the position at the top, an entrepreneur should be passionate and be ambitious as opportunities don’t come along more often, and you have to make efforts to find the right one. A lack of fire to achieve the best will halt your journey to success, so it’s extremely important for an entrepreneur to possess this skill in order to achieve a prominent position in the world of business.
The experience, drive, passion, and depth of knowledge Pranav Arora contributes to the business, media, and finance industries is unmatched. Pranav is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and venture capitalist with a proven track record of success. While at just 16-years-old, he not only started his first company, but transformed it into a million-dollar business. This set a precedent for all of his future ventures.
Pranav constantly challenges himself to think outside-of-the-box and approaches tasks in creative ways. He also mentioned that, “there can be a lot of frustrations that come from this, but it’s what makes business so exciting. One of the most dangerous parts of entrepreneurship is allowing yourself to become stagnant and lose all desire to innovate. The future of business depends on the companies we create today, and I love being a part of the process and leaving my fingerprint in my industry.”
Pranav Arora is also the CEO of JMTD Holdings, which was awarded the best fastest-growing and most active private equity firm in Columbus. JMTD Holdings was founded in 2015. The firm had huge success in mobile, CPG, retail and e-commerce and is currently in the expansion stage. JMTD Holdings works closely with their clients’ finance teams, research specialists, and marketing teams to create and execute influential growth strategies that heighten their competitiveness and profitability. JMTD Holdings has made major investments in companies like Rebag, Magic and Rescale. Pranav believes that investing in today’s market requires more than just money. It also requires a unique blend of capital, resources, connections, and experience.
Pranav has been featured on popular TV shows and has worked with hundreds of celebrities like Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Jussie Smollett, Chevy Woods and Machine Gun Kelly. He also shared the stage with industry leaders like Daymond John, Governor Ted Strickland and Vice President Kamala Harris to name a few.
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